Sasha Spivak lives in New York, USA.
Alexander "Sasha" Spivak's study of fine art began at an early age and showed incredible promise. He started to develop his unique style
when at the Lviv College of Fine Arts. The artist's  unusual yet sophisticated imagery brought him through the surrealistic period to the series
of technically perfect symbolic and rich in content art. Constantly developing his style Alexander "Sasha" Spivak established his own visual
world of POETIC SYMBOLISM. After too many questions about connection of the style to a poetry Alexader came up with a formula "POETIC
SYMBOLISM = ROMANTIC SURREALISM".  The "Grace of Iinterrelations" is a leitmotif of every artists artwork.

Alexander Spivak's paintings are in private collections among masterpieces of such prominent artists as Wasily Kandinsky, Kazimir
Malevich, Mark Shagal, Salvador Dali, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagava Hiroshige.
Alexander Spivak about his art:
I have always been interested in the expression of plastic thoughts in my paintings, ultimately creating something which resembles a complete
composition while allowing the possibility for other things to simultaneously occur. Contrary to other fields of art such as music, literature and
theater, the structure of fine arts does not permit the possibility of truly depicting action nor the development of dynamics in time. Therefore,
through the desire to create an idea on canvas which infuses complex kinetic processes into painting, I have progressed a system of
transformations. Often,the transformations from one shape to another change the meaning of the subject's main point and help me express
the connections which lead us to the main idea.
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Alexander Sasha Spivak
"Monument for The Genius". Mixed media.
“Scherzo”. Mixed media.
Diptych "Un Homme et Une Femme". Mixed media
“Before Purity Arrives”
“The Muse (insignificant self portrait)”
“Cat's Cradle”. Mixed media.
"Significance of The Water". Oil on canvas.
"Trick with the tail"
"The Look".
"The Grace of a Flawless Fragility"
My dear friend Roman
List of Shows:
Solo Show at Burnett Gallery, Amherst MA – August 2014
Group exhibition "Tragic Love" – The Empty Spaces Project gallery, Putnam, CT,Feb., 2014
Group show at The Boxcar Gallery, Greenfield MA – January 2014.
Number of group shows through the last years.​
Personal exhibition at Dzian gallery, MA – 2009.
Number of group shows through the last years.​
Personal exhibition at InterArt gallery, New York - January, 2006
Personal exhibition at the Mission of Russian Federation to United Nations - December 2005.
Personal exhibition at InterArt gallery, New York - January, 2005
Group exhibition at Symbol Gallery, New York - December, 2004
Fine art auction at Salmagundi Art Club, New York - October, 2004
Personal Exhibition, at the General Consulate of Russia in New York, dedicated to
Monaco festival in New York (sponsored by BMW & Sony) - june 2004
Personal Exhibition, Inter Art Gallery, New York - April 22 - May 15, 2004
Artexpo, New York  - 2004
Personal Exhibition at the General Consulate of Russia in New York, May 2003
Personal Exhibition, Amarcord Gallery, Beacon, NY, - January 2003
Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA  - 2002
Artexpo, New York  - 2002
Cohen & Rese Gallery, San Francisco, CA  - 2001
Artexpo, New York  - 1994
Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Art, Carnegie Center, Princeton, N.J.  - 1991
"The Golden View", a Five Man Show, Allan Art Gallery, Singapore (with
Wasily Kandinsky & Kazimir Malevich)  - 1991
Edward Nachamkin Gallery, New York  - 1991
Lubin Collection Gallery, New York  - 1990
One Man Show, Contemporary Art Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine  - 1990
The Show of Contemporary Fine Art, Museum of Visual Arts, Lviv, Ukraine  - 1988