Alia El-Bermani was raised in a small town just south of Boston, where she spent most of her
childhood enjoying the outdoors and discovering the natural history of the south shore of Massachusetts.

El-Bermani started her art training as a young child at the North River Arts Society, which is a small community run association for people, of all
ages, interested in the visual arts. As a high school student, she showed early promise earning a Silver Key in the national Scholastic Art
competition held at the World Trade Center in Boston. In 1994, she briefly attended Roger Williams University in Bristol Rhode Island, a large
liberal arts college that just didn’t quite have the clear focus that Ms. El-Bermani was seeking. So, in 1996 she transferred to Laguna College of
Art and Design in Laguna Beach California which is known for its strong emphasis on classical figurative training.

While studying at Laguna College of Art and Design,which is known for its strong emphasis on classical figurative training, Alia El-Bermani
received the Plotkin Award for Excellence in Fine Arts. Then, in 2000 she received her BFA from LCAD, summa com laude. Ever since, she
has enjoyed continued success as a fine artist.

This talented painter has had six Solo Exhibitions. Her figurative and still life paintings and drawings have been included in several group shows
across the country as well as showcased in Museums such as the Palm Springs Desert Museum in California, the Anchorage Museum of
History and Art in Alaska, the West Valley Art Museum in Arizona, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto and most recently at
the Greenville Museum of Art in North Carolina. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America as well as a co-founder of the important blog
Women Painting Women. Ms. El-Bermani was a recent Finalist in the Figurative Category of the prestigious Art Renewal Center’s 2010-2011
International ARC Salon. Several articles have been written on her work in such periodicals as American Art Collector, ArtSee, Art Week, The
Independent and LA Weekly. She currently lives and works in Apex, NC.
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Alia El - Bermani
Sienna As Archer
oil on panel 48″ x 36″ 2014
Wolf Spider
oil on panel 5″ x 5″ 2014
oil on panel 64″ x 48″ 2012
oil on panel 30″ x 20″ oval 2013
Dark Cherries
oil on panel 5″ x 7″ 2013
Lucy Was a Rugby Player
oil on panel 12″ x 12″ 2013
oil on panel 24″ x 24″ 2010
Space Between
oil on panel 36″ x 48″ 2010
Nude Seated
oil on panel 17″ x 14″ 2008
oil on panel 18″ x 14″ 2009
Allison At Mirror
oil on Panel 26″ x 16″ 2009
Diane with Kitten
oil on panel 20″ x 16″ 2009
oil on panel 26″ x 20″ 2008
Early Morning
oil on linen 72″ x 40″ 2006
Kat Reclined
colored pencil on paper 2009