I am a self taught artist based in Italy, where I work in a tiny home studio.

Attracted by the female figure, lover of dark corners and of the things you find there, I
create my works in the quest for elegance and expression of our deepest, often hidden

I consider myself, more than an artist, an artisan of beauty. I see my work as a daily love
declaration, a committment, the fullfilling of a deep interior need.

I believe in beauty.

I love animals and I think they are the best part of us.

I believe art can change lives.
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Alice Savage
Ink and gold acrylic on watercolor paper, mounted on
wood frame.
Private collection.
In your silence I curl up
15 x 15 cm
Charcoal, ink, golden acrylic paint on Hahnemühle
paper mounted on wood
It’s the shadows we cradle
17,5 x 25 cm
Graphite, charcoal, ink, acrylic, watercolor, gesso on Fabriano
paper, mounted on wood
Come Deeper
10,5 x 14cm
Ink and metallic acrylic on Fabriano paper
A spell on you

Black and red pencil on Moleskine
Jeux I
Ballpoint pen, watercolor, acrylic ang golden leaf on
tea stained paper.
29,7 x 21 cm
Private collection.
There Is A Place For Us

Ink on ivory Fabriano paper
14 x 20 cm
graphite on paper
10x16 cm
Ballpoint pen on tea stained Bristol paper, acrylic
gold paint
17x26 cm
Ink on Bristol paper
14 cm diameter
For Nick

A gift for Nick Nall.
Ballpoint pen and watercolor on paper
Sketchbook II_h

Black pencil and watercolor