( i behold the world around me in a completely unrealistic manner.  In my opinion everything and everyone conceals  themselves beneath a
reality with a false existence and true reality appears only when i approach the imagination .      

I behold the world around me by looking at people from within and at their relationships and visions from my own and other'soul, In the manner
I seek for the pure essence of every subject so that I might be able to combine it with imagination and depict the basic and primary principles
of that imagination and individuals'thoughts of a world full of associations , be they beautiful or ugly.  

    Whenever imagination and fantasy are combined in painting with realism and reality , It is a starting point for a never-ending realm which
can depict even the most unfounded and irregular phenomena in completely fluid and influential manner .        It is certain that Iran and the
current situation of my surroundings to the point that I can engage through my style in a critique of the standards and laws of the thoughts and
beliefs of a unique group which influences the general public , I hop that by continuing on this path and creating my own works I can take steps
in purifying  the current situation and changing the , way people see to a more open point of view.
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Alireza Dayani
Hotel Giraffe 365 Park Avenue South New York NY, 10016
Hotel Elysee 60 East 54th Street New York NY, 10022
The Casablanca Hotel 147 West 43rd Street New York Ny, 10036
The Library Hotel 299 Madison Avenue New York NY, 10017
The Library Hotel Collection
British museum's collection
Solo Exhibition
(2013 solo exhibition in mah gallery)
2011 Mah Art Gallery - Tehran
2006 Dey Gallery - Tehran
2004 Golestan Gallery - Tehran

Group Exhibition
2011 Art Dubai - Dubai - UAE
2009 Chelsea Museum N.Y
2009 LTMH Gallery - Selseleh Zelzeleh, Movers & Shakers in Contemporary Iranian Art
2008 Mah Art Gallery, An Impressive Representation by 50 Artists - Tehran
Arya Gallery
Dey Gallery
Emam Ali Museum
Iran Artists Organization
Surreal Works
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