Who really is the Creator? In the Quest for who we are and why we're here, I have confronted myself and consequently retrained myself to be
more positive, while experiencing the outer world of mankind, the self, and moving inward toward the spirit.

The imagery and intimacy I capture on canvas emanates from passions in dreams and visions. Sleep, meditation, and acknowledgment of the
human condition permeates these acquisitions. I do not think that it all comes from the self. There is a higher power at work. Creating a powerful
image, expressing inner and outer qualities in relationship with spirit, psyche, and myth lays the foundation of a strong representational piece of

The creation is also empowered with technique-the use of paint, the consistency of oils which seems to flow through the body to the brush, the
powers of space, shape, form and color. The amazing conclusion is how the public interacts with the work through many emotions, whether
spiritual inspiration, humor, drama, anger, or sensuality. It seems that the viewer becomes reflective and inherits a deeper access to the canvas,
becoming more involved with its theme. Again, who really is the creator? The universe, the artist, people or the essence of all these energies

Imagination: The passage through the unknown.
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Barry Gross
Cause and Effect
Eternal Energy
The Protagonist
Nancy - 2008,
Acrylic, Embroidery, Bed Sheet, 44 inches x 55 inches (Bedsheet Series)