Beth began her artistic endeavors as a child in rural Ohio. When not exploring the outdoors or reading, she spent her time drawing, working
on craft projects or studying music.  In her late teens she began painting with acrylics and enamels. In her thirties, she gravitated towards the
masters and thus oil painting. For Sistrunk beauty is the essential driving force of her work: "I'm always chasing beauty in my work. For me
a painting should be beautiful. It should captivate the viewer, if only for a few seconds. And for those few seconds let them forget
themselves, their worries, their troubles and transport them to a place of beauty and peace."

Beth Sistrunk is an award winning oil painter from Naples, Fl.  Her work has been included in juried national and international exhibitions.
Beth's paintings can be found in private collections throughout the United States. She also won a finalist spot in both drawing and still life
painting categories in the prestigious Art Renewal Center's 2012/2013 Salon. In 2013 Beth won an Award of Merit from The National Oil
and Acryic Painters' Society for "Recipe for a Beautiful Day" and a Creative Achievement Award for "Essence of the Sea" at the Tempe
Center for the Arts at the most recent Juried International Guild of Realism exhibition.
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beth sistrunk
Companionship: A Journey Into the Unknown
84"x56" Oil on Polyester/Cotton Canvas
Time Lapse
21"x28" Oil on 3 Translucent Acrylic Panels
The first painting in my brand new series of  works.
Feeding Love
52"x90" Oil on Aluminum Panel
Wondrous Journey
30"x24" Oil and Aluminum Leaf
on Masonite Panel
Athena In Spring
20"x20"  Oil and Genuine Gold Leaf on Aluminum Panel
A Mother's Gaze
Portrait Study for the Major work Companionship
16"x12" Oil on Linen Panel
"Tate" age 9
14.5" x 18.25"  Oil on Aluminum Panel
A Commissioned Work
Quiet Reflection and Peaceful Meditation
4"x6" Charcoal and Pastel Drawings Sold
Oil on Canvas
48" x 36"
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