Recently there is a turnaround in the paintings of Bianca van Baast.
In her previous artwork she wished to inspire herself and others to be open and honest, but in her latest work the
emphasis lies on 'being'. By removing the noise and ugliness of everyday life
allowing the  beauty and tranquility to remain
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Bianca Van Baast
In the distance * 2013 * 75 x 45 cm * Oil on canvas *
Gone * 2013 * 75 x 95 cm * Oil on canvas *
Dream * 2013 * 135 x 110cm * Oil on canvas *
Turning Blossom * 2011 * 130 x 55cm * Oil on canvas *
Het ontvangst * 2013 * 60 x 35 cm * Oil on canvas *
Where we meet * 2010 * 30 x 95cm * Oil on canvas
Tegenstroom * 2006 * 95 x 120cm * Oil on canvas *
By means of clothing, make-up, hairstyles, and jewellery people try to distinguish themselves from one another. But is this
the real person that we see? Or do all these things give a person the possibility to hide the real me? What induces a
human being to hide itself behind a mask? And to what extent are we different from one another?

Bianca van Baast paints the human being, completely disposed of clothing, make up, hair and jewellery. Even details, like
nipples and fingernails, are left behind. Although her painted figures aren’t portrait realistic, they do stay human. The
hairless figures appear to be unguarded, pure and vulnerable. They give you the paradox feeling of aversion and
attraction, chilliness and pure emotion.

Bianca’s work is biographic. She exposes herself, confronting and blooming, showing the phases in her life of a damaged
person to a completely healed person. Via the figures on her canvases she tells a story of doubt and growth, openness
and hiding, confrontation and meekness, loneliness and lovely gatherings
Pauw, pauw ik hou van jou * 2005 * 80 x 60cm * Oil on canvas *
De golf * 2003 * 85 x 105cm * Oil on canvas *
Current * 2008 * 130 x 90cm * Oil on canvas *