Camille LaMontagne is an artist from the Metro Detroit area. She graduated with honors from the College for Creative Studies, holding a
BFA in Fine Art. Her education is accompanied by knowledge from Macomb’s Media and Communications program, as well as a
mentorship by fellow artist Andrea Kowch in painting. She was chosen and participated in the 5th cycle of Red Bull House of Art Residency
in Detroit’s Eastern Market showcasing her oil paintings. In 2013 she was awarded by College for Creative Studies the title of “Emerging
Artist of the Year” for the annual alumni show.

Her paintings focus on the consideration of quiet and thoughtful moments that reach to discover and internalize identity and how the
relationship of nature helps us to pursue that discovery. With women often being the subject matter, she conveys a story about the
experience of being female.

Her work as a makeup artist has been published in Styleline Magazine, Ambassador, Editorial Magazine, OkGirl, Metro Times, Detroit
Metropolitan Magazine and Huffington Post and in advertisements and websites for the Peacock Room, Peter Says Denim, Glitz and Ears
and Luxe Homes Design+Build.

Upcoming Exhibitions for 2015:
March 13-"Vendi Art Stickers Project" Artspace Uptown Artist Lofts, Michigan City, Indiana.
March 20-"Glass, Cinder and Thorns II" Inner State Gallery, Detroit, Michigan.
May 21-"Red Bull House of Art Alumni Show" Red Bull House of Art Gallery, Detroit, Michigan.
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Camille La Montagne
MessengHer © Camille LaMontagne
Oil on canvas 24x24 inches Currently on display at the RedBull House of Art in Detroit
Hide Away © Camille LaMontagne
Oil on canvas 12x9 inches
In Bloom © Camille LaMontagne
Oil on Canvas 30x30 inches (Framed)
The Goodness @Camille LaMontagne
Oil on canvas 14x14 inches (framed)
Green Eyed Girl © Camille LaMontagne
Oil on Canvas 12x9 inches (Framed)
Brown Eyed Girl © Camille LaMontagne
Oil on Canvas 12x9 inches (Framed)
Tropical Gold © Camille LaMontagne
Painted digitally in Photoshop.
Walking Tall © Camille LaMontagne
Digitally painted woman with elements of photographs infused together.
Stay Awhile © Camille LaMontagne
Oil on Canvas 60x48 inspired by Snow White.
You Tube
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Full Moon Fall © Camille LaMontagne
Digital rendering in Illustrator.
Shoe Style © Camille LaMontagne
A combination of hand drawn and Photoshopped elements
Remember Eau di Parfum © Camille La Montagne
Photoshop rendered image based off of the ring that I wear every day.
Anna Makeup by Camille LaMontagne
Makeup artist: Camille LaMontagne Photographer: Christian Najjar Model: Anna Posey
Jessica by Camille LaMontagne
Makeup Artist: Camille LaMontagne Photographer:Laur Nash Model: Jessica Choi Hair Stylist: Kathleen Andrus