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Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passion, theres no substitute or greater feeling
than bringing an idea or a dream to life.
Working hard and watching your project flourish and grow right in front of your eyes.

Being a great lover of all things delicious and delectable, and taking pride in finding the restaurants
that serve this fine and fabulous fare, I am happy to report that our newest find "Chal Chilli" located at
124 Lexington Avenue between 28th and 29th street NYC, is just this kind of place.

Intimate and comfortable Chal Chilli is a fusion of the finest Thai and South Asian ingredients prepared and served with great
skill, to bring its guests an experience thats both authentic and filled with an exciting and vibrant atmosphere.

Ayesha Kiani a beautiful young exuberant woman will be the one to watch as this new restaurant in what some Manhattan
residents call "Little India" will undoubtedly become extremely popular.
Run and operated by a  Mother and Daughter team Chal Chilli is both traditional and cutting edge.
Moody music and lighting make for the ultimate romance where the five senses culminate in the midst
of culinary delights, that will certainly have you coming back to try another
selection from this diverse menu.

After trying several amazing dishes, Lemongrass Chicken, Chicken Chilli Pepper,  
I came to the conclusion that it was difficult to name a favorite,
but if I had to choose it would have definitely been the Skirt Thai Basil Steak, Grilled Skirt Steak,
Garlic Basil Chilli Pepper, in a Wonderful Home Made Sauce. Of course its almost impossible to try everything from the menu
in one sitting, but there are so many dishes that I wanted to try, Seared Thai Lamb, Crab Cakes in Pomegranate Sauce, Roast
Duck Breast, and the savory list continues.  Finally an up close and personal intimate discussion with both mother and
daughter made the experience perfect.

Ayesha I thank you for such a lovely evening and look forward to dining at Chal Chilli again very soon.
Chal Chilli Asian Fusion Cuisine Lexington Ave NYC
Chal Chilli Asian Fusion Cuisine124 Lexington Avenue NYC
Chal Chilli
tel 212-532-0273
124 Lexington Avenue
(Between 28th St and 29th St)
Chal Chilli
tel 212-532-0273
124 Lexington Avenue
(Between 28th St and 29th St)