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Throughout the 1700s New England whalers transported the maritime leviathans up the broad river to be
processed in Hudson.
After the collapse of whaling industry the town's gambling houses and sporting brothels
flourished well into the 20th century.  In recent years Hudson's myriad of architectural styles underwent a revival to
reincarnate the riverside community as a haven for artists in the haunts of Ahab with a plethora of antique stores, art
galleries, music venues, and restaurants as well as the Hudson Milliner, the former millinery providing Hudson with
hats for the better part of a century and now serving the needs of travelers seeking a safe haven for a night or longer.
Historic Hudson is easy to get to by car or by train — it's just a quick two-hour trip from Penn Station in New York City.
The Hudson Milliner
A Guest House & Inn