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Cheryl Juracich
Hotel Giraffe
Hotel Elysee
The Casablanca Hotel
The Library Hotel
The Library Hotel Collection
The Library Hotel Collection
Child in profile. 16x16". Oil on canvas.
Stardust/Golden. 18x24. Oil on wood panel.
"Big Bite"
"Lucky Charms"
Cheryl Juracich is a contemporary realist painter, specializing in portraiture. Her work has been shown in private galleries, community centers,
and universities. Her award winning piece, Child in profile, was acquired by Chandler Gilbert University. She was also awarded best in show for
her contributions in the "Go Figure" exhibition at the Vision Gallery in 2012. Her commissioned works hang in the homes of private patrons as
well as in public establishments. She has studied with fine artists such as David Kassan, Matt Dickson, and JD Parrish.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she relocated to Arizona in 2000 and is currently living in Tempe. She is interested in traditional
painting and drawing methods and is fascinated by the human form. A love of the natural world feeds her passion for subjects like astronomy,
psychology, and physical health and wellness. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, adventuring outdoors, listening to music, eating good
food, and spending time with friends and family. She plans to travel and continue her post baccalaureate studies. She hopes to become an
educator and a contributing member of the art community.
I am a portrait and still life painter. I am curious about the fleeting nature of people and things as part of the natural world. I am compelled to
study all the elusive impressions of a moment. Powerful and precious. Though it is impossible to "capture" the formless essence of a human
being, through deep observation and careful brushwork, I am able to better touch, feel, and understand the physical reality that I am depicting.
These paintings are never an attempt to simply replicate a likeness or copy the details of a specific two-dimensional snapshot but rather, my
work is my way of grasping at the immaterial soulfulness of a physical thing. Painting is the language with which I transcribe the spirit of my

I feel that objects contain an essential character and a living history that can be sensed. Inert as they may be, objects tell a story about their
origin, past, purpose, and owner.  They serve as sort of an environmental biography of the space in which they exist. They too are fleeting
participants in this life as they will eventually decay and cease to exist in the form they once embodied. Entropy be damned.

I am fascinated with themes such as time, light, space and am constantly exploring what it is to exist. The subjects of my portraits are often
depicted alone with little to no activity in their periphery or background. Perhaps they are contemplating and introspective. Maybe they are
alone and searching. Or maybe they just are. Showing people in isolation is perhaps a way to invite the viewer to fully see them, without
distraction, and take a meditative breath. I feel that my paintings impart a sense of calm in a world flooded with the constant stream of
stimulation; a view of a complex subject in simple stillness.  This concept also applies to my practice as an artist. It is where I go to slow down
time, gain a fuller understanding of the human experience and search for truth and meaning in life.