Christina studied illustration and graduated from University of the Arts a long long time ago.  Since then she has worked as an illustrator and
designer in the publishing industry.  She likes to draw ornate things.  She likes to paint stories with ornate things.  She likes the word
"intricate" which she was chastised for liking many moons ago at yearbook camp.  That's right....yearbook camp.

Her love of all things detailed has won her awards and admittance into annuals and competitions such as Imagine FX Magazine Artist of the
Month,  first place in (no name) art group grant, Phillustration 4 Best of Show, Spectrum 18,19 & 20, Exotique 7, Silver Award for Self
Promo category in the Society of Illustrators 50 LA, Expose 10 & 11 and 3x3 Magazine's Pro Show.  Christina is currently working on
several freelance jobs and teaching at a few local art colleges.
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Christina Hess
"Amanda Palmer - Six of Wands"
The Amanda Palmer Tarot Deck
"Mother Earth"
(no name) Art Group
Expose 11
"The Last of Summer"
GreenPrints Cover
"Patchwork Girl"
Lancaster County Domestic
Violence Shelter Fundraiser
Featured in Spectrum 19
"Jamie of the Jungle"
Private Commission for "Big Cat Rescue"
Featured in Exotique 7, Imagine FX Magazine
"Grape Spider"
(no name) Art Group
Wine Label Focusing on Organic Wineries
Expose 10
Spectrum 20
"Distelfink Girl" 8"x8" oil and gold leaf on cradeled masonite
I created this little Selkie Pup 5"x8" oil painting for Krab Jab Studio's Faerie III
show. Check out all the fantastic work the show has. If your in Seattle you should
defiantly stop by!!current/cnkj
Business Betty Boop
"Cat Queen"
Private Commission
3x3 Magazine Annual, Silver Award for Unpublished 50th Society of Illustrators LA
Spectrum Annual 18, Expose 10, Imagine FX Magazine
“Animals From History” is a collection of stories that spin over twenty historically charged
fictional tales.  Set in an animal-centric world the stories are meant to be a fun interpretation
based on real events focusing on cats and dogs as the historical figures.

Some historical characters you will encounter are Cleopetra, Kiddy Roosevelt, Joan of Bark,
Napoleon Boneapart and Elvis Petme.  You can read about the pirate Jean Lafeet’s
parachuting crawdads, Eva Growlbor’s weakness for diamond encrusted bone shaped
brooches and King Tutankhameow’s 3000 year entombment with a band of theatrical rats.  In
addition, historical events such as the Battle of Agincourt, The French Revolution and the
Crimean War are incorporated as background elements within the stories.