Christopher Ayres had a fateful experience with photography that would open a new world of provocative, rebellious art. Driven by his
emotions he pours all of his positive energy into his art, concentrating on inner beauty more so than outer beauty, he is able to connect to his
models and it is that connection that leads to his ability to capture his subjects. The wardrobes and costumes Christopher creates for each
model and each shoot is based on the model herself there are times when he goes into a shoot expecting one thing and surprises happen,
that’s a good thing. The digital enhancement is a way for him of “completing the painting”, doing art by hand he never seemed to be able to
finish but by finding the medium of digital painting, he always seems to find his completion point.
Growing up his creativity was virtually hidden from his ultra-conservative parents. Drawing secretly into the night His fascination with comic
book graphics inspired him to create heroes and medieval menaces of his own. In School, he found he could ride quietly on the fringe .
Eventually though his talents were displayed more openly at school, and he was often solicited to draw for other students. Christopher, like
most artists was frustrated with the curriculum, though. He did not feel challenged, and he ultimately rebelled against his studies.  
After leaving school he turned his creativity to the culinary arts, jobs ranging from line cook to executive chef, he had turned his talents towards
food preparation. On the side, he attempted to make his way into the comic industry. He took on a few illustration jobs, and he dabbled in
acrylic painting from time to time. However a few years ago Christopher was invited to shoot female models at an alternative resort, this is
where he started his foray into photography which led to prop design then the costumes etc. He has worked with subjects ranging from
weddings, bands, pets, and professional portfolios. However his love is the female form and he continues to explore it and perfect the fine art
of capturing it. You can still see his early childhood influences of comics as well as new found enlightenment iconography through his imagery.
Blown out colors and bold, edgy sets quickly caught the eye of editorial magazines. In no time, Christopher earned a featured steampunk
spread in SLAM magazine, and a flurry of photographic opportunities followed. He has also shown at various art events in the Tampa Bay
area. Christopher has seized the opportunity to enhance his Photoshop skills, and expand his portfolio.
Christopher Ayres embraces the rewards of his perseverance. He is currently available for individual and group events. Contact him via
facebook or
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Christopher ayres
Polyptych. Detail. Oil-table. 2008.