Christopher Pugliese was born in New York City in 1968. The son of two Contemporary Artists, Richard and Virginia Pugliese. He grew up
surrounded by Art and Artists.

In pursuit of a personal vision he traveled n search of instructors possessing rarefied knowledge. Ted Seth Jacob's, Tony Ryder, Martha and
Walter Erlbacher, Jacob Collins and countless museums filled a ten year period of study that Mr. Pugliese considers to be his background in
Classical Art.

After 20 years of painting commissioned portraits, exhibiting, teaching and working as a book cover illustrator Mr Pugliese is now writing
and illustrating his own book.

His works are in prominent collections and Museums and he considers painting a gateway behavior that leads to philosophy.

"Art is about more than just making images, it is how we define and create ourselves and the cultural values that are important to us"

There is currently a book available from the new Britain Museum of American Art the catalogs his early works and a slightly more extensive
digital book app available on the Apple App store.

Christopher will be exhibiting his works at The Arcadia Contemporary Gallery August 14 - August 31st 2015
Opening Reception August 14 - 6-8:00 PM
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Christopher Winter Pugliese
Persistent Dream of Youth
Red and Gold
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Ulysses and the Sirens
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