Clinton T. Hobart was born in Philadelphia, grew up in New Jersey and studied Fine Arts and figure drawing at the School
of Visual Arts in New York City. While still in high school he received private drawing lessons from family friend Milt Neil,
Disney’s “Duck Man”. Milt acquired this title for his work on many of the WWII Donald Duck cartoons including the now
famous Der Fuehrer's Face.

While in his junior year at SVA, Clinton was invited to participate in an internship with Walt Disney Feature Animation
known as “Disney Boot Camp” The following year, a mentorship with the same company.

While in art school Clinton would spend most of his free time attending life-drawing sessions at Spring Studio. "I believed
then, and believe still, that excellent life drawing skills are prerequisite to the creation of any great artwork." He attributes
the character he strives for in his still-life paintings to the years of studying figure drawing.

After graduation Clinton moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and began teaching classes at Scottsdale Artist’s School. He has
been teaching consistently ever since. Most recently, he taught two workshops at the Brisbane Artist’s Academe in

Clinton has always been a fan of the movies and acting and often imagines that the objects in his still-lifes are actors on a
"The story behind many of my paintings is that the objects are finished with their performance and are taking a bow, which
is why they are lined up on stage."

Clinton holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in NY. He also spent five summers as
assistant to Portrait Artist Daniel Greene. His first portrait sale was of Avignon Greene to his teacher.

Clinton’s work is currently being shown in many private collections, both national and international. He is represented by
Scottsdale Fine Art in Arizona as well as several other galleries. He is a member of The Portrait Society of America, The
Salmagundi Club, The Artist’s Fellowship, The International Guild of Realism, and The Ridgewood Art Institute.

His collectors include CEO's, actors and actresses, several well-known artists, prominent businessmen and women, and
government officials including the mayor of Greenwood Lake, NY. Clinton teaches painting and drawing workshops
across the world and was featured in the February 2009 issue of American Artist magazine. In 2011 he will be featured in
the “Best Of Artists’ Annuals”.
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clinton Hobart
Slippers"    18 x 12    Pencil on Toned Paper  1
Hour Pose
Jen 2""   11 x 14    Pencil on Toned Paper    1
Hour Pose
"Sam 11 x 14    Pencil on Toned
Paper    1 Hour Pose
"Crouching" 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas
"Lydia" 20 x 24 Oil On Linen
"Sam" 20 x 24 Oil On Linen
"Emily In Black" 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas
Something Else Happened Along The Way ~
Charcoal and Chalk
"Untitled" 20 x 24 Oil On Linen SOLD
"Untitled"    12 x 16    Pencil on Toned Paper    3 Hour Pose
"Elina" 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas Private Collection
"Jen"   11 x 14    Pencil on Toned Paper    1
Hour Pose
"Randy" 20 x 24 Oil On Linen
"Portrait Of A Famous Wrapper" 6 x 12 Oil On Panel SOLD
"J" 18 x 32 Oil On Canvas Private Collection
"A Variety Of Apples" 10 x 20 Oil on Panel SOLD
"On A Table" 11 x 14    Pencil on
Toned Paper    20 Minute Pose
"Laura"  12 x 16   Pencil on Toned Paper    2
Hour Pose
"Half The Idea" 18 x 36 Oil On Linen SOLD