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Cornelia Jensen
Brahmaeid Moth
2007 (6" x6")
Latex paint, tint, ink varnish on wood
Black Witch
1996 (24" x24")
Gouache, latex paint, on linoleum and wood
My work ranges from figure-ground painting to stylized
found-object assemblage. After writing a thesis on light
artist, James Turrell, I was inspired to incorporate light as
a medium into the sculptural pieces. These light-fused
works can function as individual objects or can be
conformed into larger installations. By juxtaposing recycled
objects in a reliquary format, I reference the relationship
between man-made environment and human unconscious.
The added element of illumination transforms our
conception of what is a normal avenue to the sublime.
Bee Mine
1996 (14" x 12")
Gouache, paper, string, oil paint, spray paint, glitter on wood
Fungus Beetle
2007 (6" x6")
Latex paint, tint, ink varnish on wood
Thread-Winged Lacewing
2009 (6" x6")
Latex paint, tint, ink varnish on wood
I have exhibited my work and curated exhibitions
for over twenty years. My most recent solo
exhibition was my MFA thesis installation at art.les.
nyc.studios in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
While based in San Francisco, I participated in an
artist residency at the Lola Gallery. I also designed
and created venues for art and film, curated art and
multi-media events, and worked on independent
films. In 1988 I moved to San Francisco to attend
the graduate program in Film/Video Performance
at California College of Arts and Crafts. In 1987, I
received my BA in Philosophy from Haverford
College, during which time I studied at the
Syracuse University Studio Art Program in
Florence, Italy. I graduated with honors in Art
from The Masters School in 1983 and received the
Merriam Hewitt Art Award. My father, a part-time
landscape painter, was my first teacher. He always
involved me in his art practice stretching canvases
and hanging shows. I was fortunate enough to grow
up near New York City and come from a family that
encouraged the study and practice of art.
38 Special
2003 (24" x 36")
Latex paint on canvas
Catgirl Lamp
1998 (24" x 18" x 12")
Motorcycle windshield, string, sign paint,
spray paint, metal, incandescent light
Light Art
2009 (19" x 20" x 20")
Styrofoam packing material, plastic grass, PVC
tubing, kitty litter, dried black-eyed-susan centers, latex paint, LED lights  
High Rise
2009 (29" x 15" x 10")
Styrofoam packing material, plastic grass, LED lights
Butterfly Sculpture
1998 (24" x16")
Steel motor cycle parts
Motor Cycle Chair
1998 (39" x 29" x 22")
Steel motor cycle parts, plastic, vinyl, moss
Eclipse #2
2007 (11" x 11")
Latex paint and spray paint on wood