I grew up in an isolated religious community in rural New Hampshire. My experiences there in contrast to the world outside
have shaped my work and the way that I understand myself in relation to everything. In part because of that experience, I am
compelled by characters in literature, film and mythology whose subjectivity is described in a heightened visual way, usually
through a significant encounter in the landscape.

Color and light is important, as is the physicality of the paint and the primary place that working with paint brings me to. My
work is rooted in photographic and film-based images culled from various sources and often from my own staged photo
shoots. I take cues from cinema, fairy tales, and dreams to construct paintings that deal with conflicting fantasies of display
and negation. I paint with a strong sense of atmosphere and space, feeling around inside the images and responding with
gestures of paint to the layered emotions and associations they evoke in me.
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Daniel Maidman Presents
Mira Gerard
Unknown Continent 2010 oil on linen
36" x 48
Graph of Desire 2010 oil on linen
70" x 84
The Anatomy of Melancholy 2009 acrylic and oil on canvas
68" x 84
Controlled Burn 2010 Oil on Linen
11" x 8"
Embedded Correspondent 2008 oil on linen
48" x 58"
I dream about burning 2 2011 oil on panel
7" x 6"
River of Forgetting 2012 oil on linen
40" x 58"
Sleepwalkers 2011 oil on linen
16" x 20"
Nolichucky Gorge 2012 oil on linen
10" x 14"
Soft Target 2009 oil on linen
58" x 48"
Ritual 2012 oil on linen
20" x 32
Nocturne 2011 oil on linen
16" x 20
Epistasis 2011 oil on linen
16" x 20"
Mira Gerard grew up in a secluded Ashram in New Hampshire.  Her parents, both artists, encouraged her work from an early
age.  She went on to receive a BFA from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and an MFA from the University of
Georgia in Athens, Georgia.  She lives and works in southern Appalachia and is a painting professor at East Tennessee
State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Her work has been exhibited widely, including a recent solo exhibition entitled
"Two Way Dream" at William King Museum in Abingdon, Virginia. Her paintings can be seen in the 2012 Manifest
International Painting Annual and in an upcoming issue of (Re)-turn: A Journal of Lacanian Studies. She has recently
lectured on the intersection of desire, painting, and psychoanalysis at the Psychology & the Other conference at Lesley
University and the Southeastern College Art Conference.
The Secret Sea 2007 oil on linen 50" x 60"
The earliest dream I remember
having as a child involved
throwing myself onto a bonfire as
a way of absolving my sins.
These paintings are about fire as
a force that acts from the outside
and from the inside. The female
figures are defined both as
objects of desire and desirous
objects as they navigate a
and apocalyptic sublime.
Light, Water, Night