Van Nes’ fascination with the dawn of the Industrial Age and how it changed society forever is reflected in imagery
inspired by the Victorians but paired with machinery and strange apparatuses that could come straight out of a Jules
Verne story, a sort of futurism as imagined in the 19th century. His characters are trying to protect what is dear to them
while slowly but surely losing hold of it, just as it is getting harder and harder to make out truth and reality in a world that is
becoming more virtual every day. Advertising is the new religion, replacing meaning with empty slogans and religious
icons with brand logos – van Nes’ work is about confession and absolution in a world where Gods and angels are
replaced by marketing rules andvirtual identities. His consumer criticism is hidden within ancient-looking frames and
antique containers.

Daniël is known for his installations with “illuminated engravings”, reviving the centuries-old technique of copper and wood
engraving. He transposes the technique to modern materials and new visual concepts: the result of his meticulously
crafted work can only be seen by use of light.

Born in 1972, in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, van Nes was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp,
Belgium. Daniël was nominated for Dutch Artist of the Year in 2003 and has exhibited extensively in galleries and art fairs
around the world.

He has worked with well known artists like Jonathan Davis, lead vocalist and frontman of KORN, performer Amanda
Palmer (The Dresden Dolls) and Dutch actor Tygo Gernandt. In 2010 and 2011, Daniel was invited to be a curator for
‘BLOOOM – the creative industries art show’, in Cologne, Germany.
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Daniel Van Nes
Domino Dominion
The Assignation (Edgar Allan Poe)
Trickster, the Fish and the Boy engravings
“The Last of Our Kind” installation with illuminated engravings
“Flyboy” Illuminated engraving and electric bird house
Exit Node / Bug Eye drawing
Bunny Birdsuit
Cinder Elle
Midsummernight’s Dream
Sticks & Stones installation