I am an artist who loves to experiment. I like materials such as paper and canvas and acrylic paint, and I like to mix them in unusual ways,
mixing glue and color paper and then meld them with the canvas. I like people, and bodies.

I love painting towns, the busy life of the metropolis. I want the finished works resemble those posters you see on the street, all torn and
worn out by time. The finished works are rough, irregular, uneven to the touch. In short: lived.
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Dario Moschetta
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SOLD - "Hyperbolic shades 11" acrylic on canvas 80x100cm - available 3/39
SOLD - "Hyperbolic shades 4" acrylic on canvas 40x68cm 6/39
SOLD - "Hyperbolic shades 3" acrylic on canvas 49x82cm 7/39
SOLD - "Hyperbolic shades" acrylic on canvas 40x68cm 8/39
SOLD - acrylic on canvas 100x150cm 11/39
Acrylic on canvas - 142x177cm - available 12/39
acrylic on canvas 40x68cm - available 13/39
SOLD - acrylic on canvas 40x68cm 18/39
acrylic on canvas 40x68cm - available 16/39
SOLD - acrylic on canvas 40x68cm 19/39
SOLD - portrait - acrylic on canvas 40x68cm 20/39
acrylic on cavas 40x68cm - available 23/39
acrylic on canvas 40x68cm - available 21/39
acrylic on canvas 40x68cm - available 25/39
acrylic on canvas 100x150cm - available 30/39
SOLD - "Jagger" - acrylic on canvas 150x210cm 32/39
Acrylic on paper wood - 80x120cm 39/39
AVAILABLE - Bettie 4 - Acrylic on scratched double paper - 82x112cm 24/26
SOLD - She Wants to Move - acrylic on canvas 40x68cm 19/26
SOLD - Brooklyn Bridge 2 - 113x82cm - Mixed media, collage and acrylic paint on paper on canvas 25/32