Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, David Gluck currently resides on Vancouver Island with his wife, Kate Stone, where they work
as full time artists. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Art Education from Penn State University in 2006, following which he
immigrated to Canada to continue his career as an artist. His artwork is in both private and public collections around the world. These days
David exhibits with  S.R. Brennan Galleries, Gallery 1261, Legacy Gallery, and Principal Gallery.

Here is a  Q an A I did, gives some insight into what my work is more or less about

Stylistically and/or technically speaking, what do you hope collectors notice in your new work, and what have you noticed yourself?

I continue to strive for a certain tactile quality in my work.  Recently, I have found that by switching to more natural pigments and materials
(as opposed to synthetic pigments), I have been able to create a very harmonious muted tonal palette in addition to a far more varied paint
quality.  I want there to be a difference enjoyable to the viewer when my work is seen in life as opposed to from a photograph.

In this new body of work, which paintings best embody what you’re trying to convey to the viewer?

I try to keep a cohesive look and feel to most of my works.  To goal of each piece is comparable in that its aim is to evoke an inherent
reaction in the viewer, whether emotional or psychological.

Briefly, what inspired the new work?  [message/insight/location/light/mood, etc.]

My recent move to the countryside of Vancouver Island has inspired my most recent subject matter of hunters, trappers, aged objects,
vanitas, etc.  Being away from the city has enabled me access to new subjects that were otherwise unavailable a year ago.

Why do you think the gallery paired you and Stone together for this show? Have you shown together before? What do you see as
similarities and/or differences in your work?

Being married, we influence each other’s work more than any other artist.  We compliment each other in every way.

Is there anything in particular that you would like our readers to know about your art?

My work is a study of stoicism of character.  The men and objects in my paintings thrive in a balance with the elements and are carved in
the likeness of the austere environments they live in.  I like to think that if most beautiful paintings are like gems, then mine are like
weathered rocks.
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