Engaging with the traditions of folklore and allegorical narrative, my work reimagines personal experience as myth.  Using mythological and
iconic imagery to depict real-life issues establishes a protected space in which to examine the emotional content of each experience.

Symbolic cut-paper imagery alludes to, without entirely revealing, the complex realities explored in each hyper-realist portrait.   Innumerable
layers of delicately cross-hatched color give a solid presence to each portrait, while boldly graphic and precise paper cuts form a fragile
landscape of paper and shadows.  Like remembered experiences, each component is both elusive and concrete.

What began as an extended autobiographical series has since expanded to include the personal narratives of close friends and family
members.  By sharing the intimate details of their lives with me, the process of conceiving a piece has become a rich, collaborative effort.
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Diana corvelle
Besotted (detail)
Gouache and watercolor on paper, 11x34" 2013
Gouache with cut paper overlay, 11x14" 2010
Lola (detail)
Gouache on cut paper with watercolor underlay, 11x14" 2012
Gouache on cut paper, 30x40" 2010
Shauna Finn
Gouache on cut paper with watercolor underlay, 11x17" 2012
Engagement (detail)
Oil pastel on paper, 18x24" 2011
Julie, seated
Crayon on paper, 11x14" 2013
Karen, reclining
Colored pencil on paper, 8x10" 2012
Marilyn, reclining
Sepia ink and gouache on paper, 8x10" 2010
Angela, reclining
Pencil on paper, 18x24" 2007
Julie, standing
Pencil on paper, 6x9" 2013
Crayon on acrylic-primed paper, 40x72" 2010
Ink and acrylic on paper, 16x22" 2006
Ink and acrylic on paper, 16x22" 2006
Coney Island Mermaids
Gouache on LIRR Monthly ticket, 2x3" 2012
Crayon on cut paper, 30x32" 2010
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