Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman is an artist based in Los Angeles. With a BFA from the University of Southern California, she quickly got into the film
business. She began working behind the scenes in the art department and, from there, to event design. Her designs have been featured in
many magazines such as LA Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Buzz Magazine, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, and the Angeleno. For her
paintings, she has won the Key art award two years in a row ARC finalist. She has studied with a number of internationally known artists such as
Robert Venosa, Anthony Ryder, A. Andrew Gonzalez, and Sean Cheetham.

Her quirky whimsical paintings stem from a rigid, religious, conservative background that she fought against as a child. She has an overt
curiosity with the bizarre and the esoteric, especially alchemy and the tarot. The surrealist paintings themselves are done in an old masters
technique and celebrate the hard earned wisdom of childhood. “My ideas come from my dreams, and my love of allegory and symbolic glyphs.”
Currently, Deirdre works in her studio in Atwater – where she lives with her husband, two children, two dogs and her fish – Shady.
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Deirdre Sullivan Beeman
Oil and Tempera on Board
12" x 16" 2014
Oil and Tempera on Linen Board
8" x 10" 2014
Oil on Aluminium Panel
16" x 16" Framed: 22" x 22" 2013
Oil and Tempera on Panel
8" x 10" Framed: 14" x 16" 2013
Oil on Linen Panel
12" x 15" Framed: 15" x 18" 2013
Oil and Tempera on Panel
11" x 13" Framed: 15" x 17" 2013
Oil on Linen Panel
12" x 16" Framed: 18" x 22" 2012
Oil on Linen Panel 2012