Once in every generation - once(?) - fortunately, it's even better! Everyone born in every generation is born with an immanent sense of joy
and wonder, and the drive to recreate the immediacy of their existence; life seen via the naïveté of children. But how many of us keep
connected to that wonder, that precious honest cognition? Dominic, through opportunity, through deep inclination and through constant daily
effort, is one of the few who brings the sight and discipline of his adult, with the verve of his adolescent, and with the 'now' of his child, to a
constant and delightful yield.
Look at Dominic's works. We know who they are - but - we also know what they're feeling and, more often than not, what they're about to
do next. They are so much a product of 'this' moment that we anticipate their next. That's not portraiture, that's alchemy, that's enchantment
(albeit an enchantment informed and reinforced with lots and lots of hard work, effort and understanding). It's not distortion, it's revelation.
Dominic paints moments of truth. Moments of truth with huge glasses, titanic chins and beady peering eyes... and yet this frankenstein
comedy, like all good comedies, attracts us, amuses us, and then reveals truth (just a moment of) in a way that no photo, nor press release,
nor Biopic can. Thomas Edison said, "Genius [and the success it brings] is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration", and
Dominic certainly draws deeply on each to achieve his caricatures. But Dominic's real alchemy is such that we can share, we can witness that
same inspiration when we look at the work - he just spares us all the effort. What a nice chap!
- Nigel Bell
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Dominic Philibert
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