My response to our diverted, technologically mesmerized world is primarily expressed through painting, as a way of seeing, a practice, and a
serious pursuit of the representations of emotional states acknowledging human interconnectedness. I consider painting as both a process with
a relationship to lived experience shared with others and a  profound way of valuing time, and that reverence for this process should be an
inherent quality of the finished work.

I have a fascination for the power of revelation in narrative, a quality which can still be conveyed in figurative painting.  Xenia Hausner’s
expressive use of color excites me; I am titillated by the narratives of Paula Rego, who tells new stories beneath old ones. I depict women
confronting, fighting, standing apart - an army of action.

My foremost concern within a composition is that the interaction of gesture, story, and palette engage the viewer in an emotional rapport with the
work. I don't see figurative painting as a retreat from contemporary life. It is a way of gathering, a way of bringing attention to human contact that
speaks to our times.

Working both for and against the formidable history of painting, I deliberately push color. Supplementary light sources serve to bring in color as a
formal element, drawing attention to the specific intentions I bring to each composition. I visualize strong colors coming into and out of flesh to
suggest meaningfulness as much as the sensual self - it is redemption of existence in the midst of our imperfect, material world. Painting is my
chosen way of retaining a sense of self, of place, and  through the human figure as my chosen subject, I build bridges from myself to others.
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Eddi Flemming
After Midnight
Oil On Board 40 x 30
Tiny Dancer
Oil On Board 50 x 40
She ... Is Just A Doll
Oil On Canvas 48 x 30, 2013
The Red Queen
2012, 36 x 30 Oil On Board
She Is An Urban Godess
Oil On Canvas 60 x 50, 2013
Desdemona's Folly
2011, 38 x 30  - Oil On Canvas
She ...
Oil On Board, 40 x 30
She... Is Lost  
Oil On Board 42 x 36, 2013
2011, 20 x 16 Oil On Board
Woman With a Green Hat
30 x 24 Oil On Board
Pink Wrap
2010 12 x 16 Oil On Board
Beautiful Julie
Oil On Board, 18 x 24, 2011  
Dressed For The Cold