Bavarian born and bred, Eva Mueller originally studied graphic design and worked as an art director in Munich but made the transition to
fashion, beauty and music photography soon after moving to New York.
With an affinity for stark minimalism Eva’s fascination with the human body can result in surprisingly playful, complex and searching images.
Iconic visuals that are both timeless and unmistakably now are hallmarks of Eva’s sensibility as an creator and observer.

Her background allows her to incorporate a graphic designer’s sensitivity for concept and composition with the fashion photographer’s eye for
drama and movement.
Eva has worked for major design companies in the US, UK and Germany. Her editorial work has appeared in many German, British and
American fashion magazines. She has shot for most major record labels and has had many of the best DJ's in front of her lens. Eva evokes and
captures the model's unique emotions, wit, and style. For the client, the results are striking, stylish, and perfectly evocative of the brand.

Her fine art photographic work has been shown in galleries and museums in London, Germany and the U.S and can be seen at www.evamueller- or via the "Fine Art" link on this site.
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