Fred Fields was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but grew up in the small, Northern Kentucky town of Burlington. He began oil painting at the age of
nine under the tutelage of German artist Anneleise Wharenburg. She would be the boy's somewhat eccentric mentor for the next decade.
After graduating Conner High School in Hebron, KY he attended the, now defunct, Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, OH.
Soon after graduating he landed a job with Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago as a storyboard comp artist and doing side jobs for the likes of
J. Walter Thompson and BBD&O Chicago. A handful of Sword and Sorcery magazine covers came his way and eventually turned into a full
time job.

Fred worked ten years on staff at TSR Inc., a large game (Dungeon's & Dragons) and paperback publisher in the beautiful north woods of
Wisconsin. A publishing company that was in a rural setting was the perfect situation. Aside from engaging in many outdoor activities Fred
was given the chance to work with a group of talented artists each and every day. Eventually the company was bought by Wizards of the
Coast (makers of Magic the Gathering) and relocated the company to Seattle, where Fred worked and lived for another year.

While living in Seattle Fred, a couple of friends and, then, finance Sandy attended a gallery open house. He found the idea of painting for the
mere sake of the painting a very appealing one. So began an eight year period of fine art.
Fred worked for four years as a Concept artist for Warner Brotheres Interactive Entertainment Turbine Inc. in the Boston area where he
worked on Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Infinite Crisis.  His work has appeared in Southwest Art magazine,
International Artist magazine, and on the covers of the following magazines; Rocky Mountain Rider, Beef and High Sonoran Style. His
originals have hung in such galleries as Trailside galleries in Scottsdale AZ and Jackson WY, Heritage Gallery in Scottsdale AZ, El Presidio
Gallery in Tucson AZ, Dana gallery in Missoula MT, Lee Youngman gallery in Calistoga CA, Meyer's-Rive Gauche in Scottsdale AZ, Mountain
Trails in Jackson and Cody WY and currently in Mountain Trails in Sedona, AZ. Fred's limited edition giclee prints are both published by Mill
Pond Press as well as self published.

Fred now freelances from  his home in the Louisville, KY area where he lives with his wife, Sandy, and their two sons.
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Fred Fields
Hotel Giraffe
Hotel Elysee
The Casablanca Hotel
The Library Hotel
The Library Hotel Collection
The Library Hotel Collection
Veronika Nior
Oil on Canvas
24 x 16
Nude With Butterflies (working title)
Oil on Canvas
20 x 12.5
Sassafras Flip
Oil on Canvas
12 x 9
Rainy Day, Dream Away
Oil on Canvas
6 x 14
Nude Reclining in Tucson
graphite and white charcoal
7 x 10
Nude Stretching
Pencil on vellum
14 x 11
25 x 12.5
Oil on Canvas
15 x 12
Oil on illustration board
As Far As We Go
Oil on illustration board
Birth of Night
Oil on illustration board
Butterfly Chick
Oil on illustration board
Gimme That!
Green Lady
Oil on illustration board
Red Wizard
Tattooed Angel
Oil on illustration board
Through the Glass Darkly
Oil on illustration board
Ally Gator
Fantasy - Sci Fi
Concept Art
Cartoon Character design