Gennady works like Ulybina opening portals to another world - a world that is exempt from technological civilization and humanity opens up
an entirely new way of development based on self-improvement, knowledge of its internal capacity and harmony with the universe.
This is the time when reinterpreted course of human history and its meaning.

Man - the most perfect, that there is in the world and the potential of human capabilities are much more than that used in the framework of
modern civilization. Even the most high-tech machine is for a man just a tool - a surrogate for his own undisclosed abilities.

Naked man on the bare ground - the main motive compositions. Civilization and technology do not exist, only its remnants in the form of
strange objects, once high-tech machines, towering above the ground or sea - a pile of metal, The Fallen Idol technocratic system.

Expanse of the sky and the sea symbolize infinity of the universe and freedom, the same endless. Earth as an updated space - part of the
universe - a mysterious, but at the same time open to the knowledge of her man and giving him inspiration.

Lonely naked figure of a woman, as a symbol of a new era, a symbol of enlightenment of mankind and his enlightenment, his victory over
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Guennadi Ulibin
A strange place. 114h162. oil on canvas
Vision. 114h162. oil on canvas
One. 195h114. oil on canvas
Water. 89h195. oil on canvas
Connection. 146h146. oil on canvas
Sphere. 89h195. oil on canvas
Kiberlabirint. 146h195
Labyrinth. oil on canvas. 81h114
Voyage. 89h195. Oil on canvas
Sleep. 81h146. Oil on canvas
Distant shore. Oil on canvas. 195h89
Ocean. Oil on canvas. 195h100
Awakening. 65h146. canvas. oil
Earth. Oil on canvas. 73h195
above the clouds