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Gustavo Wattson was born in San José, Costa Rica on December 16, 1991. From childhood he showed an  interest in music. At an early
age he received his first music lessons with Mr. Allan Espinoza Quesada. At 9 he began studying trumpet with Professor Franklin Salas,
thus beginning his first musical performances. Three years later he decided to formally study the guitar and started his first guitar lessons
with his father, Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Wattson and also with Mr. Hugo Ramirez. Later he joined the Basic Stage Music Santa Cruz in 2006
and a year later he entered the Conservatory of Music of the University of the West of Costa Rica, where he received lessons from MM
Dormond Randall (University of Costa Rica), MM Katia Guevara Rojas (Universidad de Costa Rica), and was part of the guitar orchestra of
the Conservatory.

In 2009 he entered the race's degree and law degree from the University of Costa Rica, why he continued his musical studies at the Music
School of the National University of Costa Rica (UNA), where he received lessons MM Saborio Andrés Rodríguez (University of Indiana),
who encouraged him in theme and composition with Dr. Nuria Zuniga Chaves. In 2012 he entered the race with emphasis on guitar Music,
University of Costa Rica.

In recent years he has performed several solo recitals at important stages of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and recently in Brazil, in cities such
as Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro Tijuca, participating with his compositions at the World Youth Day (WYD). His music has been played by radio
media in Costa Rica, Paraguay, El Salvador and Argentina. Among Costa Rican radio stations, Radio Cultural Tilarán (88.3FM), Radio
Malpais, RadioU University of Costa Rica and 94.7 fm. Recently several musicians and composers of the time were interested in his music.
These Pedro Antonio Ariza (Colombia), Adrián Goizueta (Argentina), Randall Dormond (Costa Rica), Alvaro Miranda (Costa Rica),
Christian Villalobos (Costa Rica).

He participated with his music in major international events such as First International Symposium of the Central Research and Culture
2013 Tribute in honor of Luis Paulino Mora, who in life was President of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica. He has received master classes
with composers today as Eduardo Martin (Cuba) and Celso Machado (Brazil).

Currently part of Tilawa. Band that was born in 2013, together with young musicians of national and international experience: Joshua
Berrocal (Percussionist), Luis Esteban Herrera Wattson (Pianist) and Roger León Esteban Gamboa (Violinist). In the same year he
finished his degree courses of the Faculty of Law of the University of Costa Rica and now continues studying guitar at the same university.
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