Art has always been part of my life experiences.  As an artist I have never wanted to be “pigeonholed” into one style.  As a scenic artist I have
always interpreted the theatrical style the scenic designer wanted to represent.  As a fine artist I try to interpret my mood and feelings of the
moment I experienced.  I want my watercolors to have something new to say to the viewer.  I believe the viewer will experience the painting and
feel the story of the moment as I did when I painted it.  I want my art to evoke an emotion that helps you take the journey with me to that place into
that world.

My studio is the ever-changing world around me. I am an avid bicyclist, swimmer and walker. I do long distance bike trips and paint and
photograph as I go. I love visiting noisy cities, quiet country spots and bustling streets.  Every day is a different experience, a new world to live in
the moment. My work is always created from the occasion that makes it unique and with its own particular style. The style is a product of the time
and place. The versatility lets me work in all mediums and time periods.

My past experience as a theatrical set and lighting designer has allowed me to incorporate my knowledge of light and shadow, large and small-
scale objects, textures and colors to culminate in the artistic experience I want the viewer to enjoy.  My motivation for continuing to paint is for
both you and I to escape for a moment to another place and find joy in imagining the moment together. Painting makes me want to be young
again. I have everything to learn and nothing I ever want to forget.
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Heidi Russell Presents nadine charlsen
Bird City  - Highway 36
22 x 30
Waterways Of America  - Cincinnati
"22 x 29'
Main Street  - KC, MO
30 x 23
Crossing The Tracks
22 x 30
Sprintime In The Park
30 x 22
Hells Kitchen Stoop
16 x 12
Brooklyn Bridge  - Manhattan View
22 x 29
Medium: Oil on Canvas - Size: 30" x 20"
Top Of The City
27 x 39
Grand Central Station
22 x 29
Eiffel Evening
22 x 30
Brooklyn Bridge Blizzard
40 x 26
Downtown NYC
30 x 23
Oxford  - Halls Of Learning 2
29 x 22
Millennium Bridge To St Paul's London
30 x 23
Evening At The Tower Of London
28 x 22
Under The Paris Opera
39 x 23
Heart Of Pigalle
22 x 33
Colliseum Rome NO. 3
40 x 26
New York City