Born on "The Farm" and nurtured in rural communities, including my family’s organic produce farm in New Hampshire, I moved to New York City
when I was 15-years old. On the Lower East Side, I was entranced and amazed by street art everywhere and the vibrant melting pot I was in. I
submerged myself in this culture and emerged with a painting technique I call “urban impression-ism”. Using this technique, I am able to capture
the “Technicolor” cityscapes that I vividly dreamed of painting as a young woman arriving in New York, experiencing the city for the first time. At
any given time I can be found in one of many locations, on the streets of NYC painting and selling my artwork.
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Naomi Goldie
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Mermaids Save Lives
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Towers Of Light
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Painter Naomi Goldie  was born in 1973 on one of America’s most famous communes, “The Farm”, and spent her childhood years surrounded
by artists and musicians. From an early age, Naomi immersed herself in making art. In 1980, when the family moved to rural New Hampshire, to
run their own organic produce farm, Naomi’s grandmother took her to Concord, to her first formal art classes at the Currier Gallery of Art.
Naomi’s artistic talent, evident in the local schools as well, prompted a wave of encouragement to continue in art school. Instead, 15-year old
Naomi moved to New York City. Living in the vibrant melting pot of the Lower East Side in the late 1980’s, Naomi was entranced and amazed
by street art everywhere and dreamed of capturing  the  technicolor city life around her. She developed a strong technique she describes as
“Urban Impressionism”—stylistic cityscapes which reflect that vivid dream!
While continuing her non-traditional art education in New York and, later, at The River Gallery School, a small visual art school in southern
Vermont, Naomi raised her two children in New York and Brattleboro. After painting in oils for 15 years, and raising her children for the better
part of 20 years, Naomi is loving the ability to bring her art to the place where it all started and where it needs to be seen!
Naomi Goldie’s work is in collections around the United States and internationally. Her painting, now appearing in art shows in Manhattan and
the surrounding boroughs, is gaining popularity and a loyal following of collectors.
Most nice days, Naomi can be found painting and selling her work, as a popular NY street artist. Naomi teaches one on one art instruction and is
available for commissioned art and custom fresco murals.
She is also seeking interested dealers/galleries for representation.