Using antique books as my main source material, I have taken the images found in these books to produce my three-dimensional paper
collages. Either the book covers, or the antique blank paper found in old books serve as the canvas upon which I construct these intricately
cut-out assemblages.

Culled from a wide range of sources, my visual lexicon is composed of diverse images gleaned from old encyclopedias, medical texts,
children’s books, popular science, technical manuals, paper dolls and antique photographs to name a few.  

Because of the high quality of the color plates and lithography found in the actual printings I prefer to use only the original found materials.
The old books and photographs are especially compelling as they each possess their own unique history, having passed through many hands
before coming into my possession. The aged paper also offers a beautiful natural patina and muted palette that I find particularly attractive.

In many cases, I will make use of archival form core to lift elements of my work off the page. I find that the three-dimensional effect lends
additional visual drama to these mis en scene pieces and additionally serves to showcase the highly meticulous nature of my cuttings.
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Hope Kroll
New Works 2015
You Tube
Digg It
Men of Industry
Self Portrait
anger illustrated
Temporary Residence "20.5 x "15.5
What Lies Beneath "20 x "16
Red Hot "21.5 x "18.5
Essence Of Orange "21.5 x "18.5
Homage To Nabokov  "28 x "24
Gear Heads
Madness "19 x "13
Ghost In The Machine "24 x "15
Stop Look Listen
In The Forest "24 x "15
Instability "12 x "8.5