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Are you having fun yet?
Well I think its time you start don't you?
Life is short and oh so precious. Of course you are busy and work takes a large chunk out of your life. This is why the idea of having fun, letting go
and decompressing is so important.
Many of you out there couples, family’s or business travelers  have this scheduled into your life already.
Vacation!! yes that one or maybe two times out of the year -  if you are lucky enough -  whether it be a weekend or a longer stay -  to get away and
have some free time to do as you please. Manhattan is the number one place in my opinion to have an incredible vacation and experience. The
theater, the arts, the museums, the five star restaurants, the music, the architecture and the list continues.

Have you heard of
The Library Hotel Collection?
This collection of boutique custom hotels  which accommodate travelers from all over the world
in a unique and diverse approach into hotel travel, is second to none when it comes to vacations and weekend getaways.
With four separate locations in Manhattan
The Hotel Elysee Midtown  - The Library Hotel Midtown - The Casablanca Hotel Times Square,  The Hotel Giraffe - Gramercy Park, Park
Avenue and the newly opened Aria Hotel Budapest (keep an eye out for a feature on this fantastic new location)

Centrally located and perfect for access to everything and many times in walking distance to the hottest tickets in town these hotels cover all the
bases elegance, comfort, prestige, convenience, modern amenities and an individual personality and style that makes each one unforgettable.  
I recently stayed at The Hotel Elysee, and had an amazing time.
Just one night is all I needed to do this mind you.
So exciting, life can be, so exciting, The trip into midtown had me pondering the coming events of the evening. Arriving at The Hotel Elysee I was greeted by the
wonderful friendly good looking staff at The front desk, I love it being greeted makes me feel special and the beautiful young blond woman at the desk mentioned
we have been expecting you, and my response was well that makes makes me feel special and finally she replied well you're a select guest.
With this I was given the key to my room and crossed the intricately detailed circular marble mosaic floor of the lobby to the elevators, glancing over my shoulder
at the entrance to the Monkey Bar

A place in which I would surely make a pit stop at some point in the evening.
Are you familiar with The Monkey Bar? Suffice it to say if you  like the idea of drinks made by the best and most knowledgeable  bartenders in the business and
sitting with artists, finance professionals and  writers who have just been signed to glorious publishing deals by some big name publishers then this might be a place
you should visit outside of the fact  that if you're  a NY history buff you will love the scoop on this place. Heres a  quick bit of information’    

Hotel Elysée has been home to the Monkey Bar since it opened in the depths of the Great Depression. The Monkey Bar became known as “the place to go”
especially for those who enjoyed off-color jokes and double-entendre songs spun by such performers as Johnny Payne (1934-1944) and Mel Martin (1945-
1983). Starting out as just another dimly lit hotel piano bar with mirrored paneling, patrons started to mimic one another (“monkey see, monkey do”). The tiny
room was formally named The Monkey Bar in the early 1950’s when the mirrors came down and were replaced by wrap-around hand-painted murals of
monkeys by caricaturist Charlie Wala. In successive years, other artists have added to the tableau, keeping the Monkey Bar as polished as it always was in days
gone by.   

Currently owned by Graydon Carter editor of Vanity Fair Magazine The Monkey Bar is the place to be and I did enjoy an Irish Coffee with handmade whipped
cream to add the final touch to a famous evening.

I stopped into my room for a quick check and to refresh in the marble walled bathroom.
As always the room was fitted in great style, The Hotel Elysee hosts a classic country style American motif.
Dark woods ambient lighting and the bed so tightly made in Egyptian cotton sheets I always hate to unravel it.     
After this I would head down to the second floor where the cocktail and hor oeuvres are served between 6:00 - 8:00 PM every night at each hotel and also serve
breakfast every morning between 7:00 and 11:00 gratis. My guest arrived fashionably late in a silver lam ey’ top, blue jeans and winter boots. She walked in just
as I was about to make a selection of music on the computer  which is accessible by all hotel guests.

A middle aged couple sat back and relaxed in a plush leather couch and were so impeccably dressed I had to compliment them on their
choice of attire for the evening.
He in a navy blue silk blend suit which looked custom made and she in a pair of dazzling shoes
that reminded me of something I may have read about in a fairy tale or had seen in Italian Vogue.
I think they were from Italy but could not exactly place the accent.

We sat at one of the tables and talked about our day.
We sampled the wine, prosecco, and assorted cheese and vegetables as we listened to a little background house music. The hotel was buzzing with pre dinner
electricity as the guests were most likely discussing their events for the evening.

My guest remarked that the hotel reminded her of hotels she had stayed in Italy and I offered to show her the room I was staying in.
With a gasp she gave me her approval, I trust her aesthetic eye as she is a professional painter
and knows about these kind of things.

A few more sips of wine and we were off to dinner at
Raymi Peruvian Restaurant.
Please click on the text to read a review of this amazing culinary delight on 24th street between
5th and 6th Avenue.

Although I was in a party mood the next day unfortunately was a work day so I had to head back to the hotel for an early night and some good rest.
A hot bubble bath some tea and a little jazz music and a good book sent me into dream land
safely tucked in and feeling like a million bucks.

So if you are planning a trip to Manhattan or NY for that matter be sure to book a room at The Hotel Elysee for a vacation you wont forget.