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Italian  Bistro
30 West 18 Street New York NY, 10011
PH: 212-414-1231
Italian food!! Is there anything better!!
The pasta, the luscious sauces, spices, homemade recipes and ingredients..
That family feeling of being taken care of, nourished and nurtured.

Incognito Bistro located in Chelsea NYC is the type of restaurant where one can feel at home with a family vibe
and that special combination of personal attention and soul warming food that make this one of my favorite
Italian restaurants in NYC.
Lets start with the menu, I started with the Braised Octopus:Anchovies, Capers, Olives Black Beans and Tomato
Broth. and a Smoked Scottish Salmon With Scrambled Eggs,
Smoked Scottish Salmon you ask? At an Italian Restaurant?

Yes! this is one of the things that makes Incognito Bistro such an interesting and delicious find.
Adriana Moretti and Paolo Montana - the head chef and owners are both from Scotland and are both of Italian  
descent. Did you know that Scotland has a huge population of Italian people?
Over 100,000 and growing and this blending of backgrounds has produced some of the sweetest and most
genuine people I have met in sometime.

Click here for a very inspirational background story on both Paolo and Adriana
After the appetizers and a few Peroni’s it was time to move onto the main course.
I wanted to stay within the seafood mode but Paolo asked if I would like to try his special Hagus
which he was very proud of and of course how could I refuse.

Made with Lamb Sausage Turnips, Creamed Potatoes and Whiskey Jus it was definitely a  change from your
ordinary Italian menu.

On a Thursday night Incognito Bistro was buzzing with action at the bar and at the mostly occupied tables, but
Adriana and Paolo still found time to sit with me at my table and entertain me with great stories about the
restaurant business and how they were both raised in this kind of environment.

Teamwork is a big key to success in this kind of business from the maitre’ d  to the chef and of course the
kitchen where the magic happens, I was lucky enough to have a peek at the somewhat extensive kitchen and
staff that make Incognito Bistro a culinary delight.
Clean organised and filled with the delicious scents that had me anticipating
what turned out to be a memorable meal.
Entree, Alo Scoglio: Spaghetti with Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, Calamari, Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic and Olive Oil,
And the fresh Oven baked Pizza Prosciutto and Ricola: With Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella, no need for fresh
warm bread as the pizza covered this area quite nicely.

Did I mention that when I'm reviewing a restaurant a diet is the farthest thing in my mind.
And how can you think about a diet, with all this wonderful food, I mentioned to Paolo that doing this kind of
writing has put on a few extra pounds to say the least, and his response which I loved and wont forget,  - Own it!
- a very powerful psychological statement if you take a moment or two to think about it.

In the realm of restaurants and the people that love them Paolo and Adriana  certainly have owned their craft.  
With a selection of so many scrumptious dishes and not much room left to eat one more thing, note: my eye was
on the tasty selection of seafood, Lemon Sole Filet, Jumbo Scampi, Dover Sole, outside of the other areas of
the menu poultry, meats, pasta and salads this will become a choice destination for my travels in culinary
delights in NYC.

Last but not least the meal came to a close with homemade doughnuts which reminded me a little of the airy
pocketed crusts of Zeppole you find at your Italian fairs sprinkled with powdered sugar yummm yummm yummy!!.
Thank you Adriana and Paolo for an evening and a meal I won’t soon forget
Incognito Bistro is conveniently located in Chelsea NYC 30 West 18th Street
Open 7 days a week for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner.