I am a figurative artist working with the narrative and abstraction. My work focuses on the process of drawing and painting, having a sense of
immediacy and depicting an honest reaction to the subject matter.

I am interested in exploring relationships, allegories, and ambiguities of the human condition. My intention is to create subjective narratives that
evoke an emotional response and develop a dialogue between the art and the viewer.

I attended Syracuse University in New York for graduate studies in painting, and have a BFA in Painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and
Design in Minnesota. I work full time in my studio located in Minneapolis and am very active in the arts community.
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JM Culver
Weeping Willows
oil & charcoal on canvas 20 x 20"
oil & charcoal on italian paper 12 x 12"
oil & charcoal on italian paper 12 x 12"
charcoal, acrylic, oil on paper & canvas 30 x 30"
oil, charcoal, acrylic on paper 91 x 54"
charcoal & acrylic on paper 76 x 86"
charcoal & acrylic on paper 88 x 102"
charcoal & acrylic on paper
charcoal & acrylic on paper 95 x 87"
White Rabbit
charcoal & acrylic on paper 50 x 73"
oil, charcoal, acrylic, paper on wood 18 x 36"
oil, charcoal, & paper on canvas 24 x 24"
Visceral Landscape #8
oil on canvas 36 x 24"