I enjoy the beauty of color with accurate draftsmanship. A certain austere study is what I seek in my paintings and drawings, regardless of the
subject. Days spent in my studio, next to my lake, quietly working on a still-life or portrait are very fulfilling.

Discovering the tones in the shadows, then the middle tones, then the cool lights-over and over again until the piece requires no more
development or revisions is what the process is for me.

I try never to hurry any aspect of the picture, and I only work on the section that seems to need attention at that time. I try to let the piece
unfold naturally.
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Jack Montmeat
"Stacey and Riley"
42' x 48' Oil On Linen
"Man With a Pipe"
17' x 21 Oil On Linen
46' x 54' Oil On Linen
22' x 28' Oil On Paper
'Self Portrait'
14' x 16 oil On Wood
"The Girl In Red"
15' x 22' Oil On Wood
18' x 24' Pencil On Paper
"Portrait Of a Girl"
15' x 19' Pencil On Paper
18' x 24' Oil ON Linen Paper
Oil On Linen On Panel 18' x 24'
15' x 19' Charcoal On Toned paper
"Portrait Of a Girl"
15' x 19' Charcoal On Paper
"The Dancers"
19' x 25  Colored Pencil On Toned Paper
"Sketch Of A. Morot" ( Petit Palace Paris)
Sketchbook Ball Point Pen
15' x 19' Pencil On Paper