I first studied drawing and painting at Watts Atelier California. The methods practiced in atelier schools are based on meticulous renaissance
traditions of masterful realism. Then, I attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, earning a BFA in Illustration. Illustration is all
about bringing ideas to life - it is art created to clearly convey specific meaning. Now, I create works which I consider to be contemporary
realism out of my studio in San Francisco, CA.

I am a part of a centuries-old tradition of artists depicting the human form, but I also want my art to be something that would not have been
created hundreds of years ago. Recently, I have been inspired by photographic effects, specifically the manipulation of exposure to create
images that look 'real', but contain more than a single still image. In choosing poses, I focus on nuances of body language and expression. It is
important to me that the girls are presented realistically, showing unidealized beauty and what I think of as a modern sense of confidence in
candid moments, I hope that when you stand in front of a piece you can feel the presence of the person depicted.
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Jane Radstrom
"Secret Garden VI" / Oil on Panel 2014 / 16" x 20"
"Secret Garden III" / Oil on Panel 2014 / 16" x 20"
Secret Garden  Oil on Panel 2014
"Secret Garden V" / Oil on Panel 2014 / 16" x 12"
Ms. Donohoo Pastel and Paper Collage 2014
Snow White Oil and Wallpaper Collage on Panel 2014 16 x 20
Wallflower Oil and Wallpaper Collage on Panel 2014
Secrets We Tell Ourselves Pastel on paper 2013  51 x 51
Everyday Angel Oil and Wallpaper Collage on Panel 2014 24 x 24
Austin 10am  Pastel on Paper 2013 25 x 38
20 / 20 Pastel on Cradled Board 2012 12 x 16
Mid Century Modern Pastel on Paper 2013 45 x 51
Crows Nest  Pastel on Paper 2013 34 x 51
Repose Pastel on Paper 2013 51 x 24
Girl in Glasses Pastel on Paper 2012 25 x 38
Girl Entwined Pastel and Oil on Paper 2013 24 x 48
Callie Study Pastel on Paper 2013 19 x 26
Over Shoulder Pastel on Paper 2013 38 x 26
Good Hair Day Pastel on Paper 2013 25 x 38
Gray Pastel on Paper 2013 26 x 38
Girl in Pink Pastel and Oil on Paper 2013  20 x 51
Girl in Green Pastel and Laquer on Paper 2011  26 x 38
Girl in Red Pastel on Paper 2011  26 x 40