"I constantly look at the work of the old masters, and I think throughout your life some styles speak to you more than others. It depends on where
you are in your evolution as an artist, but for me now, I have been studying more impressionistic work and trying to be more loose with my
brushwork. I strive to see both the color and shape exactly, and paint it aggressively and with confidence. I’m finding this gives me a freshly
painted look, like I came to the easel and painted the whole thing that day.
I continue to develop this style in parallel with my personal exploration of the big, eternal question of, “what to paint?” I like having people study
my work and wonder what its all about; not out of confusion, but because it’s making their imagination run with a narrative for the piece. Of
course, I know what it all means, but the idea that people can be inspired to create their own theme for the work, makes it fun and incredibly
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Jen Gennari
"one day your mockingbird will return to you"
"portrait of the artist"
"in the deep"
"Cheryl Penn"
"Portrait of Ryan"
"a light in the dark"
"Jennifer is a classically trained figurative artist. She received her BFA from the Ringling College of Art and Deign and is a graduate from the
Florence Academy of Art. Jennifer has shown her work in galleries in America and Europe, and has also received numerous awards and

Jennifer teaches at the National Academy in NYC and works from her Brooklyn studio."