I explore with my work and try to plumb the depths of each visual.
First as a flash of light, a color, a love, a pattern, a time, maybe even a plan or design… then…the path I follow flows like a river towards an
eventual end. The river moves slowly over time.

There are many pools and eddies as it swirls along. I pause to explore each thought and direction knowing that it is the dance of light and color,
a swirl or ripple, or an angry torrent, ……and the river never stops, it takes me on my journey. It flows… like a river through time.

My works are images of this visual exploration. I stay away from the quick solution or the clever answer and start again if it feels too comfortable
or like I am repeating a visual. I draw every day to keep my instrument focused. It is my daily ritual this creative process that I live. Like a river it
moves along.
It is my life.
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John Bodkin
"Blue Dahlia"
36"x48" oil on canvas
"urban sheet"
36"x48" oil on canvas
68"x76" oil on canvas
"The Red Purse"
76"x68" oil on canvas
"The Windsor Knot"
58"x67" oil on canvas
"Singular Spectrum"
50"x68"  oil on canvas
"Power Play"
70"x88"  oil on canvas
48"x48"  oil on panel
"Small Victory"
48"x48"  oil on panel
48"x48"  oil on panel
"Rhino bathrobe"
35.5"x45" mixed media on 300# BFK
"suite of four drawings"
marker on 60# paper
framed $110 each or $400 for suite
mixed media
I have been in many shows, galleries and museums after working as an artist for many years. I am in more than 160 private, corporate and
public collections. I work primarily as a painter
I am comfortable working in all forms of painting and printmaking.
I have taught drawing, painting, and printmaking at State Colleges, Universities and for private organizations and groups.
I have also been hired as an Art Consultant by several Companies and Corporations.
I have owned and operated a successful gallery, American Contemporary Gallery, which has shown the work of more than 40 well known
American artists.
I have given talks and lectures for classes, Art Associations and Groups on a number of subjects surrounding contemporary art and artists.

Selected Exhibitions and Awards
Washington ArtWorks solo show Sept. 2014
Shanghai Art Fair 2013 Shanghai, China.
N.Y. Art Expo (with Studio 26 Gallery) 2012
Baltimore Art Expo 2012
Painting Grant 2013- Maryland Arts Council
U.S. State Department, “Art in Embassies Program” 2012-2014
Gallery” B “, Bethesda, MD. “Mind’s Eye” one man show March 2012
Hampstead Art House- “Transitions” one man show Feb. 2011
American Contemporary Gallery- Group Show 2009
LaCiegna Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Group Show 1987
Storefront Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.  September 1984 “Solid Work” one man show
Sixth Invitational Graphics Show, Philbrook Museum, Tulsa, OK. 1973
National Bank of Tulsa Grant 1972, purchase award 1973
Oklahoma Eight State, Oklahoma City, OK 1973
Oklahoma Annual, Philbrook Art Museum, Tulsa, OK 1972-3
Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton, OK. 1971 Three man show
River Road Country Club 1967 Washington, D.C., One man show

ARTnews February 2009 “Emerging Forces” American Contemporary Gallery- review Cara Ober
John Bodkin will be exhibiting his work at Studio 26 Gallery
The show is on view now Oct 1st through Oct 19th.
Studio 26 Gallery is located at 179 East 3rd Street
(East Village between Ave A and Ave B), NYC, NY 10009.