Born in Boston MA, John Kilroy graduated from The Art Institute of Boston.
A professional exhibiting fine artist for over 40 years, he's a unique progressive teacher of drawing, painting, design, sculpture and digital
media. Starting at age 15, he studied privately with visionary artist Robert Bliss, a master of color and the figure. At the Art Institute of
Boston he primarily studied with Nathan Goldstein, Norman Baer, Walter Marks, Domenic Cretara and Penelope Jencks.

After graduation from AIB he worked at Hill, Holliday Advertising in Boston for 4 years, before becoming an in-house graphic designer and
illustrator for Reinelt, Sundin, Valenti & Assoc. and Gunn Associates. Later, after 20 years as a freelance illustrator working with advertising
agencies, book and magazine publishers, corporate and private clients, the desire to become a fine artist finally manifest.
After transitioning into Fine Art, he studied with John Asaro and for 12 years with Richard Schmid. John is a member of Richard Schmid's
private painting group, The Putney Painters.

Design, Composition and picture-making are what is most important to the artist reflecting his training in The Brandywine School philosophy
(Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth and Harvey Dunn). John's teachers Robert Bliss, Norman Baer and Walter Marks all hail from
that lineage. An authentic expression is his goal. Where does he get his subjects? He tries to find and be open to motives, designs and
expressions that make a great picture. He then employs the best approach to what says it best. He believes creativity, art, music etc. is a state
of being and that it is the process which creates the final outcome: ART. To him, it is all about a state of consciousness. That state includes:
awareness, perception, intellect, emotion, empathy, inspiration, curiosity, learning, context of being in the moment, historical context,
imagination, skill, responsiveness, problem- solving, work ethic and more. It is a discipline.

As well as being a professional exhibiting fine artist for 40 years, he is a master teacher of drawing, painting, design, sculpture and digital
media. John currently owns and runs his own school, The John Kilroy Fine Art Academy with his partner, artist and teacher Adele Kilroy in
Rockland MA. The essence of his teaching methods primarily focuses on painting directly from life and he tries to incorporate accuracy of
observation, combined with direct painting techniques. He stresses concept, design, the effect of light on the subject and on identifying the
elements of light and color, which form the visual language of the "old masters". He has found over the years that his most successful
paintings are those done directly from life, and takes pleasure in passing on his reverence for nature and life to his students. John Kilroy is a
dedicated and popular teacher, his methods reflect the strong sense of responsibility he feels to pass on and improve what he has learned from
his studies, work and his artist colleagues.

Some of the places he has taught include the Scottsdale Artist's School, The Cape Cod School of Art, The Fuller Museum, The Lyme Art
Association among others. His works have been exhibited internationally including: The New York Society of Illustrators, The Harvard Club,
The Tokyo Designers' Gakuin College, The Attleboro Museum, The Fuller Museum and others.
His works have appeared articles in American Artist Magazine, The Artists Magazine and numerous print publications. Books featuring his
work notably include : The Best of Yankee Magazine, Outstanding American Illustrators 1 & 2, New York Society of Illustrators Illustrator's
Annuals and Who's Who in American Art plus many more.

John is also, for over 25 years, a professional musician and composer. He is a touring and recording musician/ bassist (electric and fretless
electric and acoustic bass). John has played and recorded with bands and musicians such as: The Skatalites, Lloyd Knibb (Drummer for Bob
Marley, Studio One, The Skatalites), Prince Buster, Mikey Dread (Producer for The Clash), Coswell Jackson, Winston Grennan (Drummer
with Paul Simon, Jimmy Cliff, Toots and the Maytals and Studio One ), Sam Brown, Hot Like Fire, David Rothenberg, Neil McGee
(Percussionist for Earth, Wind and Fire), Adrian Harpham, Ibrahima Camara, Michael McLaughlin, Jim Hobbs, Mackie Burnette, Hugh
Fergusson (Guitarist for Graham Nash , Jay Bellerose (Drummer for Paula Cole), Abe Laboriel Jr.(drummer for Paul McCartney)
and many others.
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John Kilroy
"With Love" 40" x 30" oil
"Cute Lifeguard" 16" x 26" oil
16" x 12" oil
"Blue ballet" 20" x 16" oil
"Alison" 16" x 12" oil
"Greenman"  16" x 12"  oil
"Jafar" 14" x 11" oil
"Down On Green Street" 12" x 12" oil
"The Colors of Passion" - Portrait Of Amit Chatterjee 14' x 11" oil
"Green Shades" 12" x 9" oil
"French Memories, But Not Of Paris" 20" x 30" oil
"The Empty Bowl" 24" x 20" oil
"Anna" Charcoal 20" x 16"
"Up In Your Faith" 14" x 11" oil
"Angel Falls" 20" x 16" oil