• Born in 1969 and raised in Altenmarkt / Zauchensee.
• autodidact appeal to aesthetic naturalism to be an artist means not to have a job. Rather, I see it as a vocation, a blank sheet of paper or a
white canvas give a "face" to create something that can linger in front of the viewer -. Addresses him fascinated from the start, from the
smallest detail in nature, I came with my work automatically to naturalism. capture those everyday details like the veins of a maple leaf, the hair
of an animal or the reflections of a human eye in a representation is for me still a fascinating project. aesthetic However, it is not enough to
only reflect the nature!

I have a picture to add something special - aesthetics. This is probably the biggest challenge in my work -. harmony and emotion in a
naturalistic representation to anchor so that the viewer it can also feel independent, which shooting is aesthetic naturalism By far the most
interesting area to combine aesthetics and Naturalism in an image, is for me the act The human body is in itself a challenge. However, this
life, harmony, sense to express the joy and thoughtfulness, I see it as true art.

One issue that prompts the next picture! course prerequisite for the success is a high skill in the preparation, as well as dealing with the
technique used, and above all patience. Whether I have succeeded, you judge please themselves, examples of all techniques, visit this
homepage. About your opinion, which you can provide me with the contact form,
I am particularly pleased.
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