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Come walk through our 85 acres of pristine woods, streams, trails and secret places that only you'll discover.
Fish, swim, skip rocks or take a romantic rowboat ride across our shimmering 3.5 acre lake.  Then relax or wander hand in
hand with that special someone.  But best of all you can share the absolute joy of knowing that the two of you are alone
and able to enjoy the quiet beauty of our country woods in total privacy.
The log cabin, on the shore of our privately owned three and one-half acre lake, is the only dwelling on the lake. The
closest neighbor to it is close to 1/4 mile away.
A large, stone fireplace and a picture window overlooking the lake are the special features of the cabin as well as the
covered front porch with hanging chairs and redwood sofa and chairs. Sleep on a queen sized sofa bed in our large living
room. There are also chairs and hammocks hanging outside from a number of trees.
Outdoor cooking is made pleasurable with your choice of a gas grill or a stone charcoal barbecue, and dining is done on a
large picnic table sitting on a fieldstone patio or on a picnic table at the dock area. You can also dine inside in front of the
picture window, if you prefer. A herb garden (in season) offers a choice of 12 different herbs to use in your cooking!