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'Im 46 years old.
I was born in a country near the sea surrounded by paddy.
My father was a carpenter and I possibly have inherited the sensitivity of
craftsmanship from there.

I was a boy who likes comics,anime. I was a OTAKU who says in now.
I fancied becoming an illustrator or a cartoonist.
At the fine-arts university, I majored in oil painting at [Kanazawa college of art]

The schoolgirl is a recurrent topic in your paintings, why have you
chosen her?
Are you fascinated by schoolgirls?

A sailor uniform is an important motif for me rather than a female high
school student.
In Japan, while a sailor suit gives us an image which is different by each
time, its universal icon symbolizes a girl.
While expressing purity, and youth and cheerful, sexual and a momentary
image are evoked.
And it is not a mere uniform for them.
It is an item for being cute which asserts itself, and is arms.
It gives the element which receives an attack in many cases rather than
estimated that it is individual that it is conspicuous by their community.
In Japan where such peculiar human relations exist, the sailor suit can
serve as a very symbolic motif.

Which kind of stories did you paint before 2013? Your work has been on
from 2013 to this day, I am really curious about what your art was like before this

My woks from 2009 are on Insatagram thouh it isn't in chronological order.
Before than that untill 2009,my style of paintings are completely
different on the surface.
A theme and a touch were an intense work more than present.
I was remarking on a wider social problem this time, and I was commented
that it sometimes seemed to be a monster.
But  I reconsidered the motif which should be made my own character and a
theme on reaching 2008 .
And it was changed to the present style.

You play a lot with strawberry jam, disguising blood as if it was
strawberry jam,
can you talk to us about the symbolism behind it?

Japnanese girls love strawberry! That, as food, as well as, it's cute, but
it's also symbolic representation.
And it's possible to use a metaphor about blood and internal organs visually.
They have to live while being more conscious of blood than a man.
There is sometimes a case that I escape in self-injury.

Your paintings look like a dream, what about your creative process?
Have you ever dreamt any of your paintings?

I like sweet, but  I have never dreamed drawned by Suites in sweet.
When I decided my theme,I imagined the situation that they look most
attractive,seems transient and is pessimistic, arrogant and selfish.

You are becoming really popular yet you don?t have a website, why have
you decided to
have only an Instagram profile?

I'm not popular at all ! Honestly,I think troublesomely to manage web site.
I think Facebook and Instagram are enough for me to carry on artist activity.

Talking about Instagram, I?ve noticed you use Chardin as a username, does
it have some thing to do with French painter Chardin?

Yes,Chardin is a french painter name. This nickname was put from juniors
around a college student.
But I don't know its reason.And they didn't remember that reason.

Is there any message you want to convey with your art?

Understanding may be difficult or may cause misunderstanding for a theme
of my work besides the Japanese.
The admiration and the worries many young people hold are included among
these works.
I'm very interested in how the people who don't have an acquaintance in
Japanese calture feel.
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