Southern California artist, Kimberly Wlassak, grew up in a home surrounded by art. Inspired by dreams and nightmares, Johnny Appleseed
skies, fairy tales and mythology and the Ozarks, she fell naturally into a life of whimsy and surrealism.

At the age of 10, Kimberly's story "The King of Cream Cheese Island" along with her illustrations, was published in the book "I'll Build My
Friend...A Marble Mountain". It was at this time that she knew art was forever.

Although Kimberly has a fondness for all forms of art, it is the art of watercolor/collage that is her true passion. Bringing these two elements
together has allowed her to create colorful and unexpected worlds. Worlds full of twists and turns, dreams and nightmares and dark whimsy.  

Many of her creations are character studies for the fairy tale she is currently writing and illustrating called "Gerushia's New World." With a
large cast of characters, the story tells of the fight to keep Gerushia's World free from the evil Serafine.
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"Gerushia's New World"
"The Guardian of the Wrabbit Wranglers"
"Valerian and Tartarian Find Their Way to Town."
"Old Bill and Wind Blossom."
Beyond The Garden Wall, They Wait -
"Serafine's Mountain."
"The Welcoming of The Three Fairies"
"The Uninvited"
"The Visitation of Eugenie's Muse"
"Plentyn Newid - A Welsh Changeling Story"
"Saint Dyfrig"
The Haunting of La Llorona"
"Tylwyth Teg" book cover art
"The Beckoning of Leopold and Octavia"
A Secret Invitation for Maragild
Gerushia's New World is a middle grade fairy tale.  Middle grade because it's probably a little too dark for younger kids.  Basically, it's about
the citizens of Gerushia fighting to keep the evil Serafine from breaking through the window to their world and stealing the souls of the people
of Gerushia.  It's a good against evil story.  Most of my collage work is character studies from the story.

For example:  In order to get in or out of Gerushia, you have to cross through a window.  The window is guarded by Custodia and
Hectorina.  They seem very sweet, but they are the fiercest guardians and have the most important job in their world.  Here is a character
study of Custodia and Hecorina.  It's called "The Window Watchers."   
This is Serafine.
She is, basically, Satan.  She lives outside of Gerushia's window just below her fiery mountain.  The mountain is where she takes people to
burn them away and capture their souls.

She is brutal and deceitful.  
Custodia and Hectorina must keep Serafine from crossing through the window.  This piece is called "Serafine's Mountain."
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