Laura Braga, comics artist and illustrator.
Born in Verona, she lives between Verona and Alghero (SS).
She attended the International School of Comics in Florence, the Disney Academy in Milan and the stage Comic-Animation at Montimages in
Bassens and La Salle.
Her first professional works are dated 1999, when she was just 17 years old, and she made storyboards for tv commercials. Then she started
working in comics and illustrations for some of the main italian publishers, mostly in books for kids (Mondadori editore-Red Whale- Il piccolo
In 2005 she met and collaborated with Milo Manara, whose influence led Laura to a more realistic style. Winner of Cartoomics Women Award
2008 as a cartoonist, illustrator and colorist. Featured in Young Blood Annual 2008, as one of the Italian artistic talents that have received
international awards.
In the past years she worked for French-Belgian, Spanish and Italian publishers as a penciler, illustrator, and colorist (Jungle Editions, Ankama
Editions, Aaren Editorial, Casini publisher) She is currently working as a comics book artist for Top Cow, being in charge as the regular artist
for "Witchblade".
Also, she is finishing her first Motion Book for Madefire.
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