Whether rendering the glacial valleys of northeast Washington, the barren hills of Central
Idaho, the pastures and forests of the South Carolina Upstate or the marshes of the
Carolina low country, Linda Cancel's tonalism finds its voice in the effects of atmosphere
on the horizon.
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Linda Hyatt Cancel
Parris Island Tryptich
oil on canvas
10" x 30" (right panel)
Dewees Sunrise
oil on canvas
36" x 48"
Reception II
oil on canvas
36" x 60"
Water Path
oil on canvas
artist30" x 48"
Time Capsule
oil on canvas
24" x 24"
the Warden, the Maverick &
the Entertainer
oil on canvas 6" x 12"
oil on canvas
artist24" x 36"
Dewees Dunes
oil on canvas
18" x 24"
"My earliest memory is the vivid sights, sounds and atmosphere while watching fireworks
from the banks of the Snake River on the Idaho-Washington border when I was 15
months old. The barren, windswept hills of that region still evoke and inspire my love of
what atmosphere does to the horizon.

I began private oil instruction at the age of twelve with Mr. William F. Pogue. I still
remember the exhilaration of putting pigment on canvas, producing the appearance of
form, light and shadow. I continued study in his art classes until enrolling at Spokane
Falls Community College, Spokane, WA, where my major was Visual Merchandising and
Display Design. This training has served to enhance my understanding of the impact of
color and design, contrast and repetition in order to attract the attention of the viewer
within a few seconds.

Painting, for me, is an expression of interest in history, geography, language and
anthropology. Most of the works, especially Pacific Northwest scenes, are a diary and not
as literal as they appear."
Parris Island Tryptich
oil on canvas
10" x 30" (center)
Parris Island Tryptich
oil on canvas
10" x 30" (left)
Still Lifes
Still Lifes  - Coastal Carolina - Inland Pacific Northwest -  Mountains Of The Carolinas