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NYC cat groomer, Linda Schmoldt of Spiffy Kitty,
caters to silent meow-jority

In Manhattan, dogs seem to have won the pet popularity contest.  They strut along city streets,
cavort in dog parks, and socialize in doggy daycares. Yet there are almost 200,000 more cats
than dogs, according to the ASPCA’s estimates.  In other words, cats are the silent meow-jority.

Linda Schmoldt, groomer for Spiffy Kitty, a house call cat grooming service, says cats get the
short end of the tuna fish when it comes to services. Her mission is to right that wrong, one
grooming session at a time.

“Owners hesitate to bring their cats to the groomer and the veterinarian. As a result, cats may
become matted, develop ingrown nails, and be undiagnosed during the early stages of disease.  
Cats instinctively hide discomfort, whether it be from knotted fur pulling at their skin, tooth decay
or the onset of arthritis.”
The problem is exacerbated by the scarceness of house call groomers willing to risk feline bites
and scratches. Cat bites are more likely than dog bites to result in hospitalization.

According to The American Society for Surgery of the Hand, “In the United States, about 1% of
dog bites and about 5-10% of cat bites require hospitalization.”
Linda Schmoldt explains why she is not deterred by the perils of cat grooming.
“While earning my degree in biology, I interned with zookeepers at the Bronx Zoo, feeding lions
and tigers chunks of meat as big as my head. I won’t groom a cat if they are stressed to the
point where they are a danger to themselves or to me, but your basic house pet with cattitude?
No problem.”
Fluffy, you may have met your match.

About Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming Service:
Linda Schmoldt is the owner and groomer at Spiffy Kitty, a house call grooming service in
Manhattan. More information is available by calling 347-340-0623 or
online at http: