Born in 1995 in Victoria, BC Canada, Luna Milly is a self taught freelance portrait artist. She was brought up in a home of two artists, her
father a sculptor and mother an abstract painter. She was taught from a very young age that art and self expression are the most important
things in life. While struggling through high school Luna found her peace of mind while putting all of her energy in to painting, with the
support of her parents and many teachers she began to improve with every piece. Luna had her first sold out solo show in June 2012, at just
the young age of 16 Shortly after she was contacted by and signed to Urban-Muse an online artist collective.

Since then Luna has worked on several hundred personal commissioned portraits all over the globe and made a living as a young freelance
artist, reaching over 30,000 followers on social media sites. Luna has shown work in a few group shows in Los Angeles and Australia such
as Swoon Gallery, and Auguste Clown Gallery. Luna is now working and residing in Zurich Switzerland where she is saving to go to the
Angel Academy of Art in Florence Italy where she will be trained to paint in the old master techniques. Luna has been working on many oil
studies as of late and is planning on having a solo exhibition within the next year.

I have always found a safe place for myself within my art work, whether its a quick sketch or a painting that takes months, I am always
driven to produce something better and more real than the last. Ever since I can remember painting women was my thing, there's something
to myserious about us, we have so many complex emotions and stories going on inside of our heads and while we are so beautiful and
enticing. I have a hard time going out without asking the first beautiful girl I see if she can model for me.

While I have done many celebrity portraits, I am wanting to lean away from that and come through with my own new body of work of
people that I have met and have inspired me on an emotional level. Over the past years I have grown obsessed with the old oil master
painting styles, the layers, underpaintings, grisailles and colors take so much thought and I want to learn more than anything how to execute
my portraits in that very way. I owe this obsession to my fellow artist friend Matt Dangler, he told me to pick up oil painting last year when I
was doing mostly graphite and acrylic portraits.

At first I was hesitant, but with his knowledge he guided me through and took his time to teach me everything I know. Until last year I did
not even consider going to an art school, but after getting heart deep in to these oil studies I know it's what I need to do. In the mean time, I
am going to continue working on this oil portrait studies and really focus on learning technique so I can dive in to a whole new level of work
in the coming years. I am very excited to see what the future holds for me! Some of the artists that have inspired me the most over the past
few years are, Kris Lewis, Sylvia Ji, Soey Milk, and many others. Thank you for keeping my inspiration flowing!
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