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As Cold As It Gets
Marcus c. Farris
Forget To Think
Linger On
One Way Out
BORN:  1971, Texas
EDUCATION:  BFA Texas Tech University 1995
MFA Texas A&M University - Commerce 1998
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture 1997
MAE Texas Tech University 2006
My work explores issues regarding the self, relationships, gender roles, sex, politics, short attention spans, memories and time, et al; therefore, it is my
intent to challenge people, their thoughts and ideas with my artwork.  To do this one must awaken their cognitive states and processes including
perception, sensation, memory, imagination, judgment, and language, as well as intelligence and other aspects of intellectual functioning such as
knowledge, opinions and beliefs.

It is my hope that my paintings will allow people to confront their beliefs and look at everyday events in a different light.  It is suggested that certain
elements make up human nature, one element being cognitive capacity, which is the ability to conceptualize, to apprehend, to evaluate and to
rationalize others and ourselves.  Through my diverse and divergent paintings, my intention is to activate my viewers’ cognitive capacity.  Since much
of my work deals with issues that can be controversial, viewers of my work are forced to individually assign and attribute meanings and understanding
to the world around them, thus my artwork.
Salvation Solver
Nothing New Tryptych
B Mine
Save Yo Sef