Meagan Abra Blessing spent her formative years packing, living, and working in various
western states from Alaska to Colorado.
Attending college with majors in Equestrian Studies and Vocal Performance,
she spent nearly twenty years teaching and training, performing on occasion, and raising a family.

A self taught artist working in oil, Meagan is drawn to high contrast and movement when choosing her compositions. Years of hands on
experience with horses in various capacities
have resulted in paintings that are refective of individual equine temperaments and personalities.
Meagan’s love of the wide open spaces and lifestyle of the rural West coupled with her
passion for all things equine is evident in her lively, expressionistic paintings.

Meagan’s renditions of horses, working horses, and rodeo subjects are vibrant and dynamic,
and her playful utilization of color and light brings a unique twist to classic and ofen
quintessentially Western imagery.
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Meagan Blessing
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‘Fired Up’ 40x30 oil
‘Bad Attitude’ 40x16 oil
Four Gees’ 30x48 oil
‘First In Line’ 20x16 oil
‘Grandstander’ 12x24 oil
Here Comes Trouble’ 30x24
‘Horsepower’ 24x36 oil
‘Just Passin’ Through’ 16x40
‘Off Side’ 30x40 oil
‘Pick Up Line’ 48x48
‘Red, White And Blue’ 30x40 oil
Straight Up’ 36x36 oil
Unbroken’ 30x15 oil
‘Wrangled’ 48x48 oil