And the beers did flow and the funky downtown music did play and our host Jon Petrow even joined us for a few cocktails which are exclusive specialty's
made fresh at Mexican Radio.
Jon a friendly upbeat and hip hombre manages Mexican Radio in Soho and has for several years now. His recommendations for cocktails after the amazing
appetizers were served and consumed in whole by my guest and I, were as follows,  Fresh Watermelon Margarita's -
The 3 layer Cinco De Mayo and believe me two layers would have been fine but the third really started the creative mischievous juices flowing and how
appropriate since Jon and the owners are artists musicians and crafts man.  You can tell the difference in  a better quality of food and service when you
experience it. There are a number of Mexican restaurants and taco stands where you can grab a quick burrito but believe me this is not one of those places.
Here the food is handled with care using the freshest ingredients and the proof is in the - (guacamole) ;-)
It was time for the entrees and after the sumptuous appetizers there wasn't much room left but we tried to make room happily.  The Cajun Burrito - Shrimp
and Chorizo Sausage, Enchiladas Mole one cheese one with ground beef.  A savory Chicken Chimichanga, and finally a chile relleno.
Completely satiated more than buzzed happy as two kids in a candy store after a rampage in the chocolate aisle my date and I whisked off into the sunset in
a Black Limo that was waiting outside
in what turned out to be a rainy windy evening in Manhattan.
Thank you Jon for such a High frequency dinner and looking forward seeing you again soon.
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I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbequed iguana I'd take requests on the telephone im on a wave length far from home,
Stan Ridgway sings in the song Mexican Radio  well I sometimes feel the same way  - like im on a wave length far from home
but when im in the mood for some top notch mexican cuisine all I need to do is head to Soho in downtown NY not far from home
at all and worth the trip !!!  - Mexican Wonton Poppers with jalapeno cream cheese, Fresh shrimp served with a scallion aioli diping
sauce, some Bocadito  - little bites Mexican Tapas  - Nachos with black beans, cheese lime zest crema and guahillo suace, chips
salsa with a yummified guacamole dip, Boca fried calamari with chipotle - tomatillo dipping sauce.

Hola Mr De Radio ¿ puedo tomar otra cerveza, ya que la comida picante maravilloso que me está haciendo sed y mi fecha es tan
caliente que si no beber una cerveza fría pronto posible voltear mi corcho

- Translation - Hello Mr Radio may i please have another beer as this wonderful spicy food is making me thirsty and my date is so
hot that if i dont drink a cold beer soon i may
flip my cork  ;-)        
Mexican Radio
19 Cleveland Place
Noho New York 212-343-0140